10 Questions that will help you find the right dentist.

Are you experiencing dental discomfort? Then, you must visit your dentist and he or she will definitely provide you with several alternatives in order to choose the most suitable one for your needs. Although you decide to get a second option but the solutions that the second dentist provides you completely different from those that are suggested by the first dentist? So, what criteria will you use in order to make the right decision about the type of the most appropriate restoration for your teeth?

The decision about the type of the most appropriate solution is a serious process which must be done consciously by every patient. As with every other decision we make on a daily basis, we need to have enough information in order to be certain in the end.

With the following questions that we are going to expand you will definitely be able to gather all the information you need from your dentist, in order to make the best possible decision for your oral and dental health.

  1. What are the Alternatives I Have in Order to Deal with My Dental Problem?

 The reason you are currently (or about to be) in the dental clinic of your dentist is to solve a dental problem which is bothering you. By good fortune, modern dentistry commonly provides us with numerous alternatives for dealing with a dental problem or discomfort. The alternatives provided, differ depending on the invasiveness, the treatment time, the aesthetic result as well as the expenses. Usually, there is not just one solution provided by a dentist and for this reason it is helpful to discuss the different options you have with your dentist, so that you can come up with the one alternative that suits best for your personal dental needs.

  1. What are the Possible Compromises from the Respective Alternatives you Propose me?

As we have explained earlier, you will deal with every dental situation in different ways. Each solution has both its advantages and disadvantages. As a patient, you will undoubtedly need to know the compromises of every possible alternative from the beginning and be certain that you accept them. By way of illustration, if someone has crooked teeth and does not want to have an orthodontic treatment due to the extended duration of the treatment, they might prefer to “straighten” them in just a single appointment with resin composite. 

However, the patient must be conscious about the fact that the resin composite alternative might be associated with some compromises. In such a case, one compromise is that the alternative of the resin composite requires grinding of your teeth and therefore, the result might not last as long as the orthodontic treatment.

  1. How Will the Final Result Look Like?

At present, it is completely logical and justified for the patient wanting to see the final result of the treatment that he or she is about to follow. This stage ensures the patient’s trust in the dentist and along with it, it reduces the concern about whether the final result will be closer to what the patient has imagined.  

The simulation is completed in two manners depending on the dental case. The first option is to place the composite resin (filling material in the color of the teeth) on the patient’s teeth, so that the new shape is given to them and thus the patient can see his or her new smile within just a few minutes. The second alternative is through the use of a computer. Notably, the dentist takes some photos of the patient and then designs the changes in the teeth via computer, so as a result the patient can see his or her photos with the new smile.

  1. Can I See “Before” and “After” Photos of Your Previous Dental Cases?

 Unquestionably, every dental case is different and it is infrequent for two people to have precisely the same dental problem or discomfort. However, when a patient watches photos from previous dental cases then he or she understands whether the method of treatment proposed by the dentist meets his or her personal needs and requirements.

Moreover, through the “Before” and “After” photos the patient can see the limitations of a method. These photos will also help to compare the numerous treatments with each other so the patient will be able to make a more conscious decision about the solution that he or she desires most. 

  1. How Long Will My Restoration Last?

In dentistry, as in every other science, there is constant research that, among other things, examines the longevity of dental restorations. The dentist can inform the patient about the results of those examinations. However, those surveys describe the average terms. The patient should not take so much into consideration about the absolute numbers of these surveys – which are completed under ideal conditions – but should compare the longevity of the final results. To give an instance, if we are going to decide between a dental bridge and a dental implant, we need to know that the dental implant survival rate according to the literature is slightly higher than dental bridges. 

  1. Will my Restorations Alter Over Time?

This is a fundamental question, because there are some cases where we make restorations which, although, are kept intact in the long run, but over time changes occur which alter the original sight of the restorations. A typical example of this is the comparison between porcelain veneers and resin veneers. Resin veneers have the disadvantage that over time they change in color and texture. This feature is related to the properties of the material used. The resin material, over time loses its luster, becomes duller and acquires a darker color due to the fact that it absorbs intense pigments. On the other hand, porcelain veneers do not deteriorate as time passes. 

  1. What Kind of Care is Required from Me?

There are some dental restorations that for their maintenance are more demanding in terms of daily oral and dental hygiene. The patient should be informed of this need from the beginning of their procedure. If the patient is not willing to invest daily his or her time in order to complete the oral hygiene program then there is a risk of affecting the longevity of the final result. As an illustration, dental implants are an exceptional alternative solution for restoring nausea. Although, if the patient does not practice the proper oral hygiene routine, then there is a serious chance of losing the dental implants. 

  1. Should I Have to Pay Attention to Something Specific in My Diet? Will I Need to Change my Eating Habits?

By good fortune, modern dentistry provides a wide range of alternatives in order to repair a large number of dental problems. Mechanical and aesthetical criteria must be taken into consideration in order to select the appropriate dental solution. 

However, unfortunately, the most aesthetic materials that the dentist utilizes are the least mechanically stable and on occasions the alternative of those aesthetic materials presupposes the modification of your eating habits. 

  1. Is there Any Form of Guarantee for the Final Result?

At the moment that the dentist is willing to offer a guarantee for your dental restoration that he or she completed for you, he or she must specify exactly what this guarantee is and for which period of time. The dentist must be able to guarantee the technical complications (breaking of the dental bridge) or the biological complications that might occur (loss of the dental implant). This agreement must be clear to both parties (both patient and dentist) and undoubtedly must be a mutual written commitment.

  1. Which are the Payment Methods?

Generally, the expenses of a complete dental restoration are based on the procedure you take. This is the reason why it should be a written agreement which will be based on the type of repayment before starting the whole treatment process. One thing we can guarantee is that you will not find better, and lower priced dental treatments than in Albania. 

The open communication between the dentist and the patient is the key factor to a successful dental treatment. For this reason, you must not hesitate to express all your concerns about the dental treatment to the professional and specialized dentists of Trio Dent. Contact our well-trained staff and schedule an appointment for your personal needs and requirements, as soon as possible. Choosing Trio Dent is the best thing you can do for your oral health as well as your overall health.

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