6 Tips for Choosing a Dentist in Tirana – Albania

Do you need to find a new dentist? Have you moved or changed your job? Or maybe you want to make a change because you are not satisfied with your current dentist?

The majority of people are anxious at the thought of having to visit a dentist. In order to achieve good health in our oral cavity but also to maintain it, one must make sure to find the right dentist in order to be taken care of appropriately.

Choosing the right dentist is very important. The right dentist should inspire us confidence, make us feel comfortable and solve all our questions. However, we can detect some tips in order to do the right research and in the end make the most suitable choice of a dental clinic.

1.     Schedule an Exploratory Meeting with the Dentist

You do not need to schedule an appointment from the beginning, in which the dentist will offer you his services without even knowing if you want to trust him / her or not. However, you can call and request a meeting during which you will gain the opportunity of having a conversation with him or her and find out if he / she is the suitable one or not.

2.     Check the Cleanliness of the Office

One of the effortless ways that can help you discern the right professional for you is to evaluate the hygiene, cleanliness and general professionalism of your dentist. In this case, it is important to choose a dentist with whom you feel comfortable, so on your first visit to the clinic, you must consider the following parts:

Do the offices look clean and tidy? Is the equipment stored before each usage and is the treatment space clean, well lit and organized? Dentists, assistants, and so on – Do they wear gloves and protective equipment during the dental treatment? Are the members of the dental team willing to answer all your questions as well as offer further advice and information?

Most dental clinics will be happy to offer you a brief tour of the dental clinic and recommend their team members – especially if you are nervous or anxious about having any dental treatment. This makes it possible to assess the cleanliness of the dentist’s office before starting any treatment, in order for you to make an informed decision about whether it is the suitable dentist for you or not.

3.     Check Patients’ Feedback

As you search for a dentist, read the online reviews for all of them. Be sure to read patients’ reviews. Also, do not forget to ask for feedback from friends, family, neighbors, colleagues or your doctor about choosing a dentist. Find out who they prefer and why.

4.     Remember: You are not Bound by an Area

Your visit to the dentist has no geographical restrictions. You can choose a dental clinic that meets all your personal requirements, even if it is not located in your area. This is something that dental patients often do not understand, with many assuming that they are committed to finding the nearest dental clinic in your neighborhood.

Of course, you will still want to choose a dental clinic that is convenient and easily accessible, so that you can carry out your regular check-ups without much concern. Remember that you have the opportunity to choose your dentist on your own and that the nearest one may not be the best and the most suitable.

5.     Choose Depending on the Dental Treatment

The dental treatment we need to follow, will lead us to the right specialty, and therefore to specialized and professional dentists. The “list” of dentists who deal with cosmetic dentistry differs from orthodontists or periodontists. That is why our choice should first be focused on the problem that we are currently facing.

6.     The First Treatment

Once you are satisfied with a dentist, it is time for the first treatment. Usually this will be a tooth cleaning or some tooth filling.

  • Was the appointment time respected? What was the waiting time?
  • How much time did the dentist spend on the treatment? If a cleaning or sealing is completed in 15 minutes, you should not expect a quality result.
  • How ‘confident’ did the dentist show in his movements?
  • Did you suffer too much during the treatment?

After a seal, check:

  • How is the “treading” of the teeth? Do you feel that they do not press properly?
  • If a white filling was used, does its color match the rest of the tooth?
  • Do you feel sharp corners at some point in the seal?
  • Is flossing “skinning” when cleaning around the filling?

The above are indications that something is wrong with the seal. Tell the dentist about the problem. He should fix the problem immediately (of course at no extra charge).

  • Did you pay as much as agreed for the job? Were there any extra charges?
  • If your new dentist suggests a sophisticated or very expensive treatment, it is a good idea to ask for a second opinion.

All of the above mentioned ways will help us detect a good and suitable dentist. Certainly, our opinion after an examination and close communication with the doctor himself, to solve questions, to see the equipment and the premises of the doctor’s office will give us the answer if we finally found our own appropriate dentist.

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