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As the controller of data processing, Trio Dental Center respects the right to privacy of users who visit its website (“Visitors” hereinafter) — which can be accessed at the following address: — and recognizes the importance of protecting personal data.
With the entry into force of Regulation EU n° 679 dated 27 April 2016 – GDPR, we have taken steps to update our Privacy Policy in such a way as to provide the Visitor with comprehensive information on how we collect, manage and store personal data gathered online.

Visitors to our website will find all information concerning our company and can ask for further details, attach a curriculum vitae, etc., using the dedicated forms provided.
Our aim is to provide all such information as may be necessary in order to ensure that the pages of the site can be browsed transparently and securely. Accordingly, it is important to read the content of this document carefully and, if there is anything you disagree with, we would advise you not to proceed with accessing and browsing the site.

By continuing to browse the site, the user automatically accepts the content of these documents:

Cookie policy
Privacy statement (follow this link

Personal data gathered in the course of browsing activity on our site, likewise, any data sent to us voluntarily by way of a contact form will be processed by Dental Trio Center in its capacity as Controller of Data Processing.

Purposes of processing
Personal data gathered in the course of browsing activity on our site, likewise, any data sent to us voluntarily by way of the various contact forms will be processed solely for the purpose of replying to requests that are submitted.
To find out more about the methods used to process browsing data, refer to the information specified in the document Cookie Policy.

Type of personal data collected
Items of personal data collected on the site do not have the nature of special data (as defined by article 9 of the GDPR) but serve only to identify the Visitor.

Methods of processing data and duration of the processing
The processing of personal data is performed by means of manual, hard copy, information and communication technology tools, using logic procedures related strictly to the purposes specified in the privacy statement and in any event guaranteeing security and confidentiality of the data.
Internally of the company, the processing of personal data is entrusted to authorized persons who have received specific instruction and training and who undertake to process data in a confidential manner.

The controller of processing may update and/or amend this document in response to indications from Supervisory Authorities or in the event of organizational changes. Visitors should, therefore, check periodically to see whether changes have been made.
To ensure transparency of relations with all Visitors who have submitted requests by way of the site, Dental Trio Center will give specific notice of updates or amendments.

Implementing the principle of transparency, Visitors will be free to request all such information as may concern the processing of their personal data, also to exercise their statutory rights recognized by Regulation EU n° 679 of 27 April 2016 – GDPR and specified under articles 15 … 23 therein.

To obtain further information from us on this policy statement or submit any inquiry in connection with it, please contact us at the following addresses:

Dental Trio Center

Rruga Gjik Kulaqi, Kati 2, Ap. 22, Tirana 1001
Tel. +355685577278

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