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Teeth Whitening Albania - Professional Whitening - Trio Dental Center

Nothing disarms as much as a beautiful smile, and for what is more – a smile with whitened teeth. Teeth Whitening in Albania and for what is more in the clinic of Trio Dental Center gives you the opportunity of smiling in an attractive way. At our dental clinic we can change the color of your teeth up to 8 shades whiter in just 1 hour.

Tooth Whitening is a procedure that removes your tooth discoloration and offers you a beautiful, healthy, white and charming smile. It does not change the structure of your tooth, it does not superficially destroy the enamel, it simply whitens the color of the tooth. 

In our dental practice we apply techniques using whiteners that after scientific research not only do not cause damage and decay to the teeth, but instead of that they repair the normal decay of the enamel thanks to the amorphous calcium phosphate and improve gum health and bad breath.

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What is Tooth Whitening?

A Tooth Whitening process is a very efficient way in order to lighten the natural color of your teeth, without removing any of your tooth surface. It is a cosmetic dental treatment which has been practiced in the field of dentistry for many centuries.

Tooth Whitening is a highly effective procedure which provides very fast and productive results. A whitening procedure can help you improve your appearance as well as boost your self-confidence. 

Showing a person teeth before and after teeth whitening procedure in Albanaia, a cosmetic dentistry Albania service.

Why Would I Need My Teeth Whitened?

We can name several reasons why your teeth might need a whitening procedure. As every person has a different hair or skin color the same thing stands with our teeth. Very few people have incredibly white teeth. In addition, everyone can have tooth discoloration as they get older. 

Over and above that, your teeth can be stained on their surface by food or drinks, as for example from tea, coffee, red wine, blackcurrant and so on. In addition, another element is smoking, which can also stain your teeth. 

On the other side, there are some other factors that can cause staining on your teeth. Those factors include ‘calculus’ or else called tartar which also affect your tooth color. On the other hand, there is another kind of staining which can be caused under the surface of your tooth. This kind of staining can be caused by particular antibiotics or even by some tiny cracks that might be located on your teeth and which take up the stains.

Photo showing a patient having laser teeth whitening in Albania while the dentist is observing the process.

What are the Teeth Whitening Techniques?

In our dental clinic, we apply 3 ways of teeth whitening depending on what each patient wants and needs.


  • The first way to whiten teeth is in the doctor’s office under the supervision of the dentist in just 1 hour with a special lamp.
  • The second way of teeth whitening is at home with special teeth whitening toothpaste. In this case, special individual teeth whitening splints are made, a copy of the patient’s mouth, in which the whitening teeth-teeth splints are placed and the process of applying teeth whitening takes place for several consecutive days at home.
  • The third way of teeth whitening is the combination with the special lamp in the doctor’s office in 1 hour and ideally a few days of teeth whitening at home with the special teeth whitening toothpaste.

Why Choose Trio Dental Center for a Tooth Whitening Treatment?

Teeth whitening comparison of a male patient.

At Trio Dental Center we offer high-quality dentistry in a comfortable, relaxing environment. Our staff provides the greatest quality when it comes to dental care treatments with an emphasis on every detail. We treat each patient with seriousness, conscience and professionalism. Our main focus is to give you a wonderful and bright smile which will magnetize the sight of people around you and singles out your unique appearances.

The dental staff of Trio Dental Center constantly attends with great interest the sciences of dental prevention and aesthetics, participating in conferences and seminars of Albanian and foreign colleagues. Get healthy teeth, in s painless and effective manner.

Our mission is to provide professional dental care, which keeps pace with a state-of-the-art dental technological development, with a commitment to perfection. Every patient is important to us. Our main concern is for patients to be treated with special and professional care in their comfort, time and their needs. We always keep striving in order to be worthy of our patients and to exceed their expectations.

What Does a Tooth Whitening Procedure Involve?

The most common method for the teeth whitening procedure is the professional bleaching method. But, for this treatment, the dental staff of the clinic will examine and supervise you and in continuity they will inform you if you are suitable for this kind of treatment. 

As a first step, the dental staff will place a rubber shield or a gel on your gums in order to protect them. After that, they are going to apply the whitening product to the surface of your teeth, with the help of a particularly made tray which should fit into your mouth approximating a mouthguard. 

The product contains an ‘active ingredient’ which usually is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. At the time that the active ingredient is broken down, oxygen starts getting into the enamel of your teeth and after that, the tooth color is made lighter and clearer.

How Long Does a Teeth Whitening Procedure Last?

The complete time of treatment commonly takes three to four weeks to be done. As a first step, you are going to need two or three appointments to your dentist. The dental staff needs to create a mouthguard and for this reason they need to take impressions for this, on the first visit. 

Once the dental staff starts the treatment procedure, then you will be in need to continue your treatment at home. This means that you should apply the whitening product in a regular manner for over two to four weeks, and each application is going to last 30 minutes to one hour, at a time.

Despite that, you can now find some new products that can be applied for up to eight hours at each application. In this way, you are going to have a satisfactory result in as little as one week. 

Is Teeth Whitening a Safe Procedure?

After much research we have come to the conclusion that all the teeth whitening solutions are both safe and efficient for your teeth. Despite this fact, the key factor for the safety and effectiveness of this procedure is to be done in a proper manner as well as in continuity, the patient should follow the instructions that the dentist will provide after the treatment. 

You will also know that you should not overuse a whitening product or even use concentrations of a whitening gel at home, because this can bring as a result an increased sensitivity, gum irritation, or even enamel erosion (irreversible enamel damage).

The treatments that take place in a dentist’s office, contain 25 to 40 percent hydrogen peroxide and they stay on the patient’s teeth for a shorter period of time. These kinds of treatments are performed by a professional dentist in order to prevent any complications and they only need to be proceeded every six months to a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Except for the fact that the teeth whitening procedure is a safe dental procedure, it might not be recommended for everyone. There are some categories of people that cannot have a tooth whitening. Those categories include:

Small Children

Children that still have primary (baby) teeth are not able to receive a tooth whitening treatment, because their teeth, gums and jaws are still in a development phase.

Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers

The reason why pregnant women or nursing mothers cannot have a tooth whitening treatment is because the chemicals that the whitening treatments possess can pass along to their developing babies.

Previous Restorative Treatment

Some dental restorations which include veneers, crowns and filling will not be whiten. This happens because they are created from composite, porcelain or metal. In this case, only your natural tooth structure can and will change color.

Cavities, Gum Disease as well as Exposed Tooth Roots

If you are having any gum diseases, cavities, gum recession or worn enamel, then the tooth whitening treatment, as a general rule, is discouraged until all these oral conditions are completely fixed. 

Allergies and Sensitivities

You should inform if you have any tooth sensitivities, because you might not be a suitable candidate for teeth whitening procedure. On the other hand, if you are allergic to peroxide then you will surely not be able to proceed with a tooth whitening treatment, since peroxide is the active ingredient in the whitening system and structure.

The bleaching effect is not predictable. In every person there is a limit to how much he or she can whiten his or her teeth. Thus, some people respond better to the bleaching process while for others the result is less impressive. Statistically, 85% of people who have a tooth whitening are very happy with their result.

It is important to understand and respect this individual limit of each person and not to “push” the teeth whiten more than prolonged whitening or excessive use of laser. Otherwise, in addition to the risk of deterioration of the tooth structure, the additional benefit that may arise is lost within a few weeks.

The result of the teeth whitening treatment, with proper care is maintained for many years.

Immediately after the end of the procedure and in the first 15 days we lose 5-8% of the result. This “loss” is apparent and not real and is due to the restoration of dehydration caused during whitening and makes the teeth look a little whiter than they really are. Then the color stabilizes for a while and in continuity it begins to slowly decline. In order to maintain the initial effect of bleaching, it is necessary to apply the splints at home at regular intervals.

The rules that will need to be followed are:

  • continuous monitoring by the dentist for the course of treatment,
  • do not eat foods with dyes such as beets, red wine or whiskey, natural juices, tea, coffee, cola, carrot, braised drinks, even soy sauce or balsamic vinegar, fruit (cherries, strawberries), chocolates, sweets spoon or cigar use for at least one week after bleaching, as well as
  • maintaining excellent oral hygiene by brushing teeth (preferably with whitening toothpaste), flossing, using a chlorhexidine-free mouthwash, after meals and at bedtime

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