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If you’re looking for Dentist in Albania, you’ve come to the right place. At Trio Dental Center we offer you the best dental services you can find in Tirana, Albania, along with a quality care service that will make you feel comfortable throughout your stay.

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Why Choose Albania
for Dental Tourism

Dental centers in Albania stand out as some of the most outstanding in the European continent, and even worldwide. All this is due to the training obtained by the specialists and their commitment to continue learning about the most relevant topics of dentistry in order to offer a quality service.

Many people travel from other countries to visit the Dental Clinics in Tirana, and all this is due to the quality of the materials, quality of the specialists, the economic prices they offer and the attention to the patient.

If you are looking for a dentist in Albania, Trio Dental is without a doubt the best choice. Not only because of the prices, but for the warranty and quality on every procedure. 

Trio Dental Center - The Best Dentist in Albania Treatments

All on 4
“All on 4”(4 implants) with 12/14 fixed zirconia teeth
All on 6
“All on 6” (6 implants) with 12 /14 fixed zirconia teeth
All on 8
Animated illustrative photo of all on 8 implants in Albania.
“All on 8”(8 implants) with 12/14 fixed zirconia teeth
The staff of Trio Dental Center.
Our Clinic
Trio-Dental Center

We are a dental clinic that offers its services with several dentists in Albania, we have been working for years for the satisfaction of our patients and we have extensive knowledge in the area of dental implantology, deep surgical operations, disease prevention, pediatric dentistry, and many more branches. Our professionals are trained in different areas of dentistry, so we can offer a specialized service for you and your family.

We are currently considered the best dental clinic in Tirana by our own clients, who recommend us and who travel from other countries to receive our services. This is because we go to great lengths to ensure that our service is of the highest quality and because our specialists keep up to date with the latest dental techniques in the field of dental health and aesthetics.

Dental travel in Albania is quite common to hear, that is why we instruct ourselves in different languages so that the foreign patient feels comfortable in our office and can communicate correctly with us. Because part of the diagnosis is not only physical examinations, but also what the patient feels and we must take into account their medical history or their life routine, so communication is essential for us.

Our Team of Specialists

We’ve hand-picked an exclusive team of the country’s leading dentists.

Our team is here to help you identify which of our consultants is the right choice for you.

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Customer Care


Customer Care

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dentists in Albania usually offer good treatments for an affordable price. But at Trio Dental Center we offer you: Quality service, top-notch equipment, exceptional customer service and an affordable price. Plus a free online consultation that lets you know if they can treat your problem and the approximate price.

Of course, you should. We know that not all Dentists In Albania are going to treat you well and give you quality service, but it is essential to do a search of which ones are the best recommended through the web, newspapers, and even by acquaintances who have already done dental tourism in the country.
The quality and motivation to keep learning despite already having a degree hanging on our walls. We strive hard to offer the best customer care and the most up to date techniques in the dental world.
The resounding answer is: Yes. The costs are cheaper, the services are faster and more efficient, the quality of the material is superior and the care is excellent.
Our services range from dental implantology to operations for jaw disorders and more serious problems such as oral cancer or diseases that consume the jaw bone. There is no procedure we don’t know about, and we have multiple specialists who can treat your case in depth.
If you are looking for the best dentist in Tirana, we recommend that you look at several requirements: The price, the quality of the service, and the qualifications of the people who are about to treat you. But if you want a really reliable service, you can schedule an appointment with us at Trio Dental Clinic and have a unique experience.
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