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Are you worried about your dental health? Do you find it difficult to reach the proper clinic to take care of your problems? Are you suspicious about the dental clinic that you want to take care of you and your oral hygiene? We are here to provide you with all the necessary information and give a solution to your problems. Sometimes, what might seem to you as a very difficult thing to solve, could be right in front of your eyes and this is one of those moments, which is why you should not take your eyes off. It is very normal of you to request the best service possible to fix your problems and it is more than possible to find. 

One of the most common solutions for oral health nowadays is dental tourism. Many people have come to travel abroad for their medical care and there are numerous reasons why they do this. Some of the reasons would be because a specific procedure is not in the country they want, some people look to have medical procedures in their home countries, however, the most ordinary reason is that abroad prices are much more affordable. Albania is a country, that is getting more and more tourists every year not only because of its amazing sights but also because of the outstanding medical and dental services it has to offer. So, why not have your appointment and after you finish, go and spend some time to relax? 

Trio Dental Center is the dental clinic to fulfill your every need, with its clinic in Tirana, Albania. What keeps us one of the top-ratted clinics in Albania, is the well-trained and most qualified staff we have. What describes us is the hard work and the accomplishment of every patient’s need. We aim for the best results possible and the pleasure of our patients. We provide you with a friendly and comfortable environment, which helps you understand that you will be treated with the proper care. 

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What are Orthodontic Retainers?

Orthodontic retainers are used after someone has had orthodontic treatments and it is defined as the appliance that keeps your smile in place as well as your teeth healthy. Most people that use retainers have firstly kept braces or Invisalign and need to keep them because if they do not after the pressure is removed (your braces are taken off) then the teeth have a tendency to move back to where they first were, which means that all the time you have spent to fix them will not matter if you do not keep orthodontic retainers. The retainers will help with the adaption of your bone and gum to the new positions. 

This happens, as when you keep braces or aligners, they gently put pressure on your teeth in order for them to move and this finally concludes the remodeling of your bone. During this process, the bone and tissue start breaking down, which allows the teeth to move in the direction we want and the retainer is necessary to make them stay in the same position. This process will last until the bone and tissue tighten back up and lock your smile into place, not allowing it to move to any other position. The time you keep the retainers will start from full-time for a short period of time and then you will be able to keep in only at night until you finally use it a few nights a week. 

Types of Orthodontic Retainers

Although you might think that you’ve had all the necessary information for orthodontic retainers, you should also know that there are different types of them and your dentist will look for the proper one to keep depending on your teeth. The most basic kinds of retainers are: 

Removable Retainers 

Removable retainers are separated into two types:

  1. Hawley retainer – This is one of the most common retainers and the first one that comes to people’s minds the moment they hear it as a word. It depends on which arch it is used on, it is an appliance with acrylic places, which rest against the roof or bottom of your mouth and it is basically a wire attached going around your mouth. This type of retainer is mostly used when there are some minor corrections needed to be done.
  2. Clear retainer (Essix retainer) – This type of retainer is quite similar to an Invisalign aligner and is made from BPA-free plastic. This is a very comfortable retainer and they are very difficult to see, which means that they are nearly invisible. It slips over the teeth and it is an option that many patients have come to choose. 

Fixed Retainers 

A fixed retainer is an ideal option for people that do not want visible retainers. Keeping fixed retainers means that they will not be seen when you smile and the best thing is that they can stay in their place for years. It subsists thin metal wire, which is bonded to the back of the teeth on the tongue side. Your dentist will be the one to detect if you need a fixed retainer or not and sometimes it is possible that you need a fixed retainer only on one arch and a removable one on the other arch.

How Should You Care for Your Orthodontic Retainer?

There are many people that do not care properly for their retainers and it could bring them several problems. This happens, as most people do not know the proper way to take care of their retainers, which is why you will have a list below with the best tips on how to take care of them. 

  • You should remove the retainers whenever you are about to eat and drink anything else except water. It is essential to understand the importance of this, as not removing your retainers means that the liquid and sugar will be able to get stuck between your teeth and your retainer, concluding to increase the risk of getting tooth decay.
  • Brush and floss around your fixed retainer. Your oral hygiene is important, which is why you should know that the wire can assemble food and plaque. You should also check your retainer and your teeth to make sure that the area is clean and everything is okay. 
  • Clean your retainer. You need to clean your retainer, in order to remove any plaque and food debris. The way you clean it is you gently brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste every time you brush your teeth. 
  • Keep your retainer in its case. Whenever you are not wearing your retainer, you should keep it to its case, as every other place would be a bad choice. Many people have come to lose their retainers, only because they put it in a napkin or a tissue and someone could easily throw it away. 
  • Watch where you store your retainers. It is not correct to put your retainers in hot vehicles or even drink hot drinks, as it can easily affect it. The heat is something that can wrap the retainer, which will make it change the fit and it could result in your teeth shifting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Although so far, we have said that retainers can keep your teeth in place, it is not the only benefit they have. Depending on different conditions you might have, or not have at all, your dentist will find the most suitable retainers for you, which will benefit you in different areas. Some of the advantages of having retainers are:

  1. Improves your breathing 

Most people do not know this; however, retainers have the ability to help with your breathing. This happens, as there are certain retainers not only used to help with the alignment of your jaws and to straighten your teeth but also for breathing properly and for snoring at night. 

  1. Helps correct speech problems

There are many people, but mostly kids, who have difficulty with their speech, however, there are specific retainers that kids can keep to fix their speech. This occurs, as retainers can easily help adjust the placement of the tongue and this will help kids to form their sounds correctly as they develop their vocabulary. 

  1. Helps prevent diabetes

It is known that poor oral health can increase the chances of developing diabetes, however retainers have the ability to decrease the chance of that and that is why you should understand the importance of having retainers, as it can easily help you maintain good oral health and prevent diabetes. 

  1. More effective chewing

The moment that you have straight teeth and correct bite, you are able to chew your food better and get the most nutrients from the food you eat, however, this can happen when you keep your retainers as your teeth will be placed correctly and it will be easier to even clean them and decrease the chance of developing cavities. 

If you decide not to keep retainers, then there is a high chance that your teeth will go back to their original position. This can easily happen, as the tissues that are around your teeth will pull the teeth back like elastic bands.

Permanent retainers are not for life; however, you should know that they are able to work for many years. Be aware that if your retainer breaks or wears out, you might need to change it from time to time, but if you keep it well, then it can last for a long period of time. 

Even though most people think that it is not okay, chewing gum while having a permanent retainer is completely safe. The only thing you should be careful about is making sure that there is no gum stuck under the wire and if this happens, you should switch to tic-tac or a breath mint.

It is possible to break permanent retainers. Although they are designed to last, it is very ordinary to have accidents, or wear and tear over time can easily cause your retainer to break or get damaged. However, if something like this happens, your dentist can easily replace your retainer. 

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