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Dental Prosthesis Albania – Fixed Prosthetic Teeth

Dental Prosthesis is the specialty of dentistry that deals with the restoration of the patient’s mouth in cases where tooth sections have been lost, whole teeth or all teeth, but also larger sections of oral and facial tissues.

This is accomplished with the placement of artificially made teeth in place of those that are missing or have suffered extensive damage from caries or fracture. Includes fixed prosthesis (crowns, bridges, inlays, facades, etc.), removable prosthesis (complete, partial or inlaid dentures) and implant prosthesis (crown, bridges or dentures on implants).

It also deals with the treatment of various diseases of the joints and muscles of the mouth. The aim of the prosthesis is to restore the patient’s mouth functionally (chewing, talking, eliminating pain) and aesthetically.

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Categories of Dental Prosthesis

Photo with black background showing zirconium crown and e-max crown.

Zirconium & E-Max Crown

A zirconia crown is the peak material of the category of ceramic crowns. The zirconia material has very much the same characteristics with a natural tooth when referred to its mechanical attributes. This means that it is a consistent and durable material. 

An E-Max crown is a totally ceramic system. The e-max material is one of the most delightful options which has a realistic looking and harmonizes with all your natural teeth. 

The decision of those two dental crowns depends on the position where the crown should be placed. 

Photo with black background showing metal-ceramic crowns.

Metal-Ceramic Crown

A metal crown can restore the shape, size or strength of your tooth. Ceramic crowns are widely known as the most efficient means which is used to restore the natural appearance and functionality of your natural teeth. 

The aim of metal crowns is to be fixated into your dental implants as a permanent solution. Trio Dental Clinic is a highly qualified dental clinic in Albania, that provides you an outstanding result. This kind of material helps the dentist to bring the final and desirable result of the dental treatment. 

Illustrative photo of skeleton prosthesis.

Skeleton Prosthesis

A skeletal prosthesis is connected through some attachments that are placed to your other teeth. There are a great number of reasons why someone should have a skeletal tooth prosthesis but if you have had a loss of jawbone density then you are certainly a suitable candidate for a skeletal teeth prosthesis. 

Trio Dental Clinic is known for the best professional dental staff that uses the latest equipment in order to fulfill all the dental care treatments that are required in the field of dentistry.

A man holding dentures on hand and showing them to patient.


An artificial denture is a removable prosthetic restoration which is used in order to replace your missing teeth. In order to avoid any problems with your dentures as well as extend their lifespan, you should have a proper care treatment plant. 

Trio Dental Clinic gives you a quick and responsible solution. This happens because our staff is constantly informed and at the same time uses the latest materials and equipment of the dentistry field. 

Showing dental bridges for natural human teeth as a better teeth replacement procedure.

Dental Bridges

Tooth bridge is a usual method that is used in order to replace missing tooth or teeth. It is a kind of prosthetic work as it is permanently attached to your mouth. On the other hand, it maintains the aesthetic of your smile and keeps your face unchanged.

In order to have a safe and permanent result, your dentist will examine your teeth and assess which procedure is the most suitable for your needs. The dentists of Trio Dental Clinic will assist in resolving any questions that you might have about the materials, types and process of this dental implant. Our dental clinic is the most appropriate choice in order to have your desirable result.

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