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Delayed loading implantology Albania - Traditional Dental Implant

What is the right option for the restoration of your teeth? Where is the best place to have it? How can you gain back your oral health hygiene? Are these questions that pop in your mind many times throughout the day, because you are looking for the best options? Well, you are on the right path. It is very normal of you to have these questions, as your oral health is the most important factor on yourself and you have to treat it properly. Having problems with your dental health is not something that you only suffer from. Many people have difficulties with their teeth, but you should know that there is always a solution. If you have a difficult condition, you should also think of where to treat it and be sure that you will have the results you want. 

Dental health is improving year by year and as good as that is, it is also a factor of why dental procedures have become to be quite pricey, sometimes even putting you in a difficult position. However, there is a solution for this. One of the places that are known for its professionals in the dental field and the affordable prices, is Albania. Albania is a country that due to its low taxation rates and salaries, also the prices are lower and economical, which is why it is the best option for you. Why not have your dentist appointment and after you take some time to enjoy yourself in one of the most beautiful countries of the world?

Trio Dental Center is here to make sure you have everything you need. Trio Dental Center is a dental clinic, with its location in Tirana, Albania. We assure you the best experience and the greatest results for your smile. It is highly important for us, to make our clients feel comfortable and realize that they are in the safest hands for their oral health. Our staff is completed by certified and well-equipped professionals, who can provide you with the results you have been longing for. Our well-experienced and highly-knowledgeable team is ready to help you leave our country with the brightest smile and highest confidence. 

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What is Delayed loading implantology?

Delayed loading implantology is a kind of traditional technique, which is used when the patient’s bone needs more time to complete the osseointegration. When someone uses this kind of procedure, you should know it includes the place of prosthetic crowns after a specific period of time from the insertion of the dental implant. Before setting the prosthesis, your dentist should be sure that the inserted implant is stable and can handle the pressure or force of chewing. If it is not yet stable, then your dentist should wait some time, before proceeding with the treatment. The amount of time that you should wait will be around three or four months. 

Your dentist, usually leaves you this amount of time, as after it has passed, an acceptable amount of bone will have been created around the implant and that is what it exactly needs to be stable. After that, the mastication will come, and then it will complete the bone formation. This kind of procedure is used because it makes no difference with the appearance and function of the teeth. This treatment has kind of the same results as the immediate loading implantology, however, the only difference there is, is that it takes longer healing times, but it does not have any other difference except that. 

All on 4, all on 6, all on 8 in Albania.

How does Delayed Loading Implantology Work?

Many people ask themselves how does delayed implantology works and even get scared of the big words of this procedure. However, it is not something to be afraid of and surely it has its own steps to follow and understand, but so does every treatment option. Firstly, the insertion of titanium dental implants will be the opening state. This will proceed, as your dentist will close the gingiva with stitches and start inserting the temporary prosthesis. The second step will be the removal of the points and insertion of the metal pin, which is the dental crown base. This will apply after the osseointegration and the assembly of the final and stable prosthesis. The procedure to delayed loading implantology has the same results as the immediate one, however the technique to position the dental implants is different between these two. Another difference is that delayed implantology can be always available and possible, whereas immediate implantology is not. 

Dental Implants in Albania results before and after.

Who is the Right Candidate for Delayed Loading Implantology Procedure?

Most people are the right candidates for delayed loading implantology procedures however, someone that has a full set of their teeth is not. Even though it is mostly believed that implants are for elderly people, it is actually a great solution even for young people that have lost their teeth for numerous reasons. If someone has lost their teeth and does not replace them, then pressure can easily be exerted on the remaining teeth, which will eventually result in even more tooth loss. In order to be a proper candidate for this treatment, you need to have enough bone, so that the implant can easily heal. If you do not, then the implant will finally become loose and might even break, which will conclude to cause you pain, swelling, and damage to your oral health. Other reasons why someone would be a good candidate for delayed implant loading are:

  • Little soft tissue – A patient will have to have sufficient soft tissue, in order for the implants to take place, if not then he cannot be a candidate. 
  • Infected teeth – If a patient has an infected tooth, then it would be a much better option to wait until the infection has healed. 
  • Poor bone density – Implants need to have a sufficient bone density, in order to secure that they stay stable. Without sufficient density, you will need to graft the site and then wait for the healing of it, before proceeding with placement and loading. 
Showing an amazing transformation using immediate loading implantology in Albania.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order for the implants to successfully fusion to your bone, you should know that the process of that will last around three to six months after dental implant placement, so it can be strongly and successfully completed.

There are several reasons why you would have implant failure however, the signs for you to understand it are easy and the same for every reason. The moment you start feeling severe pain or discomfort in or around your implant, if you feel like your gums are swollen or inflamed or if your implants start being lost, then these are signs for you to see your dentist.

Someone who has experienced having dentures, bridges, or weak teeth for a certain period of time knows and understands how important it is to keep a firm bite, as the bite strength that an implant has is approximately 80 to 90 percent the strength of a natural tooth. This means that implants are not stronger than your natural teeth however, the strength is generally the same and you should give the proper care to keep them healthy.

Firstly, by delaying placement, you could resolve the infection of a tooth site and there is a much greater percentage of osseointegration in a healed site than an infected one. The moment that you delay the implant placement and give your soft tissues their time to heal, you would win a better soft tissue volume for surgical flap adaptation and coverage of the implant, the moment it is placed. 

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