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Are you looking for a way to bring back your beautiful smile? Is it giving you a hard time finding the proper clinic to take care of your oral health? It is proven that many people have come to suffer from their oral health, more and more each year. So far, it has shown to be due to the lack of care from their side, which has, normally, brought them to many diseases and problems. However, the moment you decide that you want to take care of your dental health, you should also know the proper place to let yourself in and this is the part that everyone seems to think more than anything. 

As you have probably heard, Albania has taken the hearts of many tourists due to its beautiful landscapes and environment, but do not let that fool you. Albania is not only known for its magnificent places, but also for the dental services that it provides as a country and the amazingly affordable prices, so who said that you cannot have your dental care taken care of as well as take a small trip and enjoy the nature while you are here? 

Trio Dental Center is a dental clinic with the aim to provide all of its patients with the proper individual care needed. We are completed with a highly qualified team and well-trained dentists, in order to secure you with the best results and make sure that everything goes exactly per your request. We are here to give you a comfortable and friendly environment, to help you feel secure and realize that you are in the safest hands. Our clinic is located in Tirana, Albania and we are waiting for you to give us a call, so we can provide you with the greatest experience in the dental world. 

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What are All-on-8 Implants?

Animated photo of teeth standing on top of all on 8 implants.

All on 8 is a procedure used for patients who only have cosmetic reasons and need a complete replacement for their missing teeth. Anyone who has a problem with their jawbone or is suffering from it is not a candidate for this kind of procedure. As a treatment, it is very similar to the all-on-4 method, however, the difference is that the prosthesis is supported by eight dental implants rather than four and it is most commonly used from patients who have passed a kind of injury or condition. It is a solution for many people and the way it works is that eight implants are placed per each dental arch and they work as “anchors” for a fixed and non-removable dental bridge. These kinds of dental implants will support a fixed dental bridge of between 12 to 14 units.

The safest materials that dentists use for all-on-8 implants are porcelain or zirconia bridges, because of the short distance that there is between each dental implant on an arch. Each of these implants is subjected to less occlusal stress brought out by chewing than all-on-4 implants. Be aware that, in order for your dentist to decide the right kind of treatment for you, a 3D dental tomography will be taken, so that he can also determine if you need bone grafting or sinus lift augmentation before having the placement of implants.

What are the Benefits of All-on-8 Dental Implants?

The biggest advantage of all-on-8 implants is that they have a lifetime warranty and they give you a natural look. Every procedure has its own benefits, however, all-on-8 has shown to be a procedure that many people choose, the moment that they find out the exact definition of it and the advantages it holds. Some of its benefits are: 

  • They look exactly like natural teeth
  • Aesthetic prosthetic options
  • Even spread of the chewing forces
  • Fixed prosthetics for edentulous jaws
  • Prevents bone loss of edentulous jaws
  • Lifetime solution
  • Faster recovery
All on 4, all on 6, all on 8 in Albania.

Are you the Right Candidate for All-on-8 Implants?

The best candidates to have this kind of procedure are the ones who are missing most, if not all, their teeth along the upper or lower arch and even though adequate bone is highly important for anyone who is looking for dental implant placement, these procedures do not necessarily request for a bone graft. It is shown that anyone who is a smoker or uses tobacco products or is suffering from periodontal disease, cannot be an eligible candidate for all-on-8 implants. Another important matter for you would be to have a healthy immune system, as it will provide you with faster healing. This happens due to the implants needing to properly fuse with your bone in the osseointegration process. Some of the strongest reasons that people request all-on-8 implants are:

  • If they want to get a smile makeover
  • If they want to undergo full mouth reconstruction
  • If they do not have enough jawbones in their mouth, ordinary implants would need high bone density.
Before after photo of a patient using all on 8 on top of his teeth and single implants below.

How does All-on-8 Dental Procedure Work?

The moment you decide that this is the right treatment option for you, you should be aware of how the procedure works. This way, you will know everything that this procedure can assure you and take the right measures before you enter the surgery. It has proved to be much more helpful when you are fully aware of every little thing before having this treatment and there are three steps followed in the all-on-8 dental implants procedure. 

  1. Consultation 

The first step is to have a consultation with your dentist, before starting with your all-on-8 dental implants treatment. The clinic will take X-rays and diagnostic scans, in order to verify if you have your jaw bone in the proper medical care to go on with the procedure and if you do not, then you might have to undergo a bone graft.

  1. Placement

The second step is the moment you go in to proceed with the surgery. At that moment, your dentist will start placing the implants in your jawbone. This treatment will last around 2 or 4 hours and after it is finished, your dentist will directly attach a provisional prosthesis, which will be the final touch to the procedure.

  1. Recovery time

Last, but not least, the step of your treatment will be the recovery time. It will take around three months for your oral health to be totally healed and you should know that during this period of time, your gums and bones will change shape so that they can adjust to the implants. After full osseointegration, your dentist will take digital impressions to fabricate the permanent prosthesis and that will be your last step. 

Teeth replacement procedure using all on 8, a precise photo showing the placement of implants.

What is the Cost of All-on-8 Implants in Albania?

As known, dental implants can be very costly, if you do not have the proper information of where to look for them. Depending on the country you are in, the prices come according to lifestyle and wages and that is why Albania has proved to be the best country with the most affordable prices for oral health.

However, that does not mean that the services are not pleasant. We provide the best dental services with prices within your budget and even lower, which is due to the much lower tax rates and wages. This means that you could save yourself a big amount of money if you consider having your dental surgeries abroad and still get the greatest results as you would in Europe, if not better. The cost of dental implants you could have in Albania starts from 300 euros and then depending on the condition you have and the treatment you need, you could agree on a settlement with your dentist. 

Why Choose Us?

Trio Dental Center is here to guide you through every step of your problem. Our team will guarantee you the proper care and provide comprehensive and compassionate dental services to you, no matter what age you are. Our main goal is to understand every aspect of your oral health and help you learn all your treatment options. Rest assured that we target your dental needs and provide you with an affordable dental treatment plan, made exactly for you. We make sure that every plan is followed with transparent pricing and accessibility, always depending on your economic status. 

Trio Dental Center has been providing dental care for many years and the experience we, as a clinic, have gained, has proved to be the main aspect of our success. It does not matter from which country you come from, or what language you speak, our dentists are bilingual patient coordinators and certified for your different requirements, in order to provide you with every need you might have. We make sure to help you win the smile you are longing for and secure you with a warm and cozy environment while you are having your appointment or sessions. If you are still looking for a clinic that can help you reach a beautiful and outstanding smile, then make sure to contact us as soon as possible. Do not miss this chance! 

Illustrative animation of teeth standing on all on 8 implants for teeth replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing this kind of treatment will surely benefit you in a natural-looking way. The technique used for all-on-8 implants tends to give you a natural look and the function and feel of your real teeth in a permanent period of time. Until now, there is no doubt that this procedure will make your teeth look natural and no one else would be able to say otherwise unless you told them so. 

Actually, the biggest difference between these procedures is found in their names and numbers. Each name of these treatments describes the number of implants that are used to be inserted on the upper and lower jaws of the patient. However, another difference is that the more implants you have, the better it will distribute the chewing forces and stability. 

In order for your implants to have a lifetime lasting, you should be very careful with your regular oral care. It is needed of you to brush your teeth, however, sometimes it might not be the only thing needed to keep the part below your implants clean. Except for brushing your teeth twice a day, you should use water-floss devices to be able to clean underneath the bridge. 

Your dental implants need time to fuse to bone in order to Osseo integrate with your jaw bone and then bond to it permanently. With the surgeries taken so far and the results of people, it has shown that in order for this process to be done it will need around three months or a maximum of six. 

There is a specific dietary you should follow after having dental implants and you should be careful the first months to not neglect it, as it might cause you problems. Some of the foods you should avoid are hard foods, crunchy foods, tough and chewy foods, spicy foods, and also sticky foods. You should mostly focus on eating soups and broth, mashed potatoes, dairy products, oatmeal, soft fruits, and eggs, so you are careful with your implants. 

You should know that dental surgery means trauma to the gums as well as the jaw, however, this does not necessarily mean that the procedure will hurt itself, as before you start your dentist will use local or general anesthesia on the area that the surgery will be done, which means that you will not be able to feel anything at the moment being. 

Depending on the way you keep your oral hygiene, dental implants can be very beneficial for your oral health. This means that you should have regular brushing and flossing and you need to have regular dental check-ups with your dentist every six months. This will make your implant screw last a lifetime, however, the crown, normally lasts around ten to fifteen years before you might need a replacement, which will be due to wear and tear. 

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