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Metal-ceramic crown treatment in Albania - Trio Dental Center

Do you look around to find a way to restore your missing teeth? Are you trying to find a clinic, in which you would feel safe and sure about your results? Well, as you are well aware, oral health has become the most important matter for most people. This is because, normally, the first thing that you notice when you meet someone for the first time is their smile, which is why you want your smile to be bright and beautiful. In order to have the smile you require, you should also pay great attention to it and give it proper hygiene. A great smile comes with great care, but what happens when you have a problem and you do not know how to take care of it, or you do not have the proper knowledge and information?

It has come to everyones’ notice that dental surgeries and appointments can be very costly, however, if you tend to do a bit deeper research, then you will understand that there are different places where you could find the most exceptional service with the most affordable prices. Albania has resulted to be one of the most beautiful countries, but do not let that fool you. As a country, it is also known for many professionals and specialists in the world of dentistry. Book your appointment now and while you have the audacity to have a price within your budget for your dental needs, take also a small vacation and enjoy the beautiful nature of Albania. 

Trio Dental Center is a dental clinic, located in Tirana, Albania, waiting to assist you with every question or need you might have. Our team is made of highly qualified and well-trained professionals, specializing in the fields of dentistry to secure you an outstanding result. We provide you with a warm and comfortable environment so that you feel confident and realize that you are in the safest hands the moment you walk into your appointment. We are here to look after you, and make sure that we give you the brightest and most beautiful smile. Trio Dental Center will bring back your confidence and help you feel comfortable again when smiling in front of others.

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What are Metal-Ceramic Crown Treatments?

It is very normal that after a period of time, your teeth will start getting damaged and it can happen for many different reasons, such as tooth decay, injuries, or just because of age and over time. This will cause your teeth to lose their size and shape, however, with dental crowns your tooth’s shape, size and strength will be restored, as they are like a snug hat for your tooth. Until now, ceramic crowns are known as the most effective means for restoring the natural appearance of teeth and their functionality. Dental crowns are also known to be used to clear out tooth discoloration. 

Ceramic crowns are known as prosthetic replacements. They are made to be permanently fixated into dental implants and their goal is to restore the lost aesthetic and function of your teeth. They are mostly used by patients that have had very bad tooth damage, which cannot be fixed with simple fillings or when there is a weak tooth by cavities due to some kind of endodontic treatment or deterioration of the prosthetic replacement.  Ceramic crowns can be used to create rotated or crooked teeth. The material of these crowns is chosen by the dentist, in order to reach the results that you will request. 

Who is the Right Candidate for Metal-Ceramic Crown Treatment?

The patients who usually need to use ceramic crowns are the ones that have no issues beyond the cosmetics. Someone who has a broken or cracked tooth, but still has the tooth root can also use dental crowns. If you have a decayed tooth, you will have to treat it before you proceed with the treatment of ceramic crown, in order to not leave the decay of the tooth continuing under that cap. Some of the conditions that make someone a right candidate for ceramic crown treatment are:

  • To not have metal sensitivity – A patient who has allergies to metals cannot be the right candidate for metal-ceramic crowns, as these dental crowns have a metal core and it will not be the right treatment option for them. Instead, the right alternative would be zirconia crowns. 
  • Proper bone density – In order to place implants, it makes great importance to have good bone density. This is necessary, as a sufficient amount of bone is essential to support the implant effectively.
  • Good oral hygiene – When you decide to have a treatment taken for your dental condition, then you should be careful to brush your teeth with the proper technique and use dental floss and mouthwash. This will help you have good oral health as well as help with your treatment.
  • Gum in good condition – The moment that you decide to have placement of the crown, then you should know that the implants will be inserted into the jawbone, which means that patients who are detected with gum disease cannot be candidates for implant placement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

High strength, means that your tooth will be protected from bacteria exposure and further decay. Durable to last for a decade or longer with the proper care Estimable to match the color, size, and shape of your real tooth, which will make you more confident. Compatible to remove any concern about long-term exposure to metal Prevents caries Affordable prices Anti-allergy, meaning that you will not have any risk of metal allergies, since your dentist will check it up earlier. Restorative capability, meaning that when your ceramic crown is on, it does not matter what you eat even if it’s the crunchiest apple with abandon.

As with every treatment, this one has also its own procedure to follow in order for everything to go as planned and have a successful treatment. 

Firstly, your dentist will take 3D images of your mouth, to help him or she understand your oral health and detect any problem or disease you might have. This will also help your dentist create a treatment plan according to your situation and decide on the best option for you.

Secondly, after your dentist takes the images, he or she will be able to create the crown in the office of the clinic and that procedure might take around one or two hours. In the meantime, you will be requested to wait, until the crown is made and you can proceed.

The final step is the crown placement. After the crown is all done and ready, your dentist will cement it into place. Before starting the process, your dentist will normally use anesthesia, in order for you to not feel any pain during the whole procedure. The placement of your crown will last around two to four hours. 

Dental crowns can result to last a very long time, but that surely depends on many factors. Firstly, you should keep your oral hygiene as healthy as you can and avoid any kind of unhealthy food, that could put a specific pressure or force on the crowns. It is normal that if you pay the proper care, then your crowns will last for a lifetime. 

Not really. The procedure of getting a dental crown does not involve any serious oral surgery, which is why it will not hurt you as much as you think. Before your dentist places your crown, he or she will remove any damaged enamel, and then the enamel will be trimmed and shaped into a stable, which is where the new crown will be placed. It has resulted to be a procedure that does not involve pain. 

One of the most used types of indirect restorative systems is metal-ceramic restoration, which is used for about 40 years with a very high success rate. However, porcelain still remains the material of choice for esthetic veneering of teeth, metal, or high-strength ceramic copings. 

Crowns are required in many situations and have resulted to be the best solution for them. Some of the conditions that have required crowns are tooth fracture, a tooth with large fillings that need replacement, improving tooth aesthetics, endodontically treated tooth, to cover dental implants, advanced tooth destruction, and retainer crowns for dental bridges or dentures. 

After having your appointment, you should wait about one or two hours for your dentist to prepare the crown. When the crown is made, then your dentist will cement it into place and start the procedure, normally. This kind of procedure will last about two to four hours. 

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