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Invisalign Tirana, Albania - Invisalign Treatment - Trio Dental Center

In the Trio Dental Center, we aim at painless, fast, effective and economical orthodontic treatment with braces (fixed orthodontic mechanisms) or mobile orthodontic mechanisms (e.g., Invisalign) for all ages. The special advanced material Invisalign provides an extremely high percentage in the overall predictability of the movement of the teeth. You forget that you wear Invisalign braces, but they do not forget to fix your teeth every moment.

The key to our success is the correct diagnosis and application of all modern orthodontic techniques combined with our vast experience. We always want to offer a pleasant treatment and a bright smile that will give you confidence and dental health for many years. At our clinic you can find the most affordable Invisalign cost in Albania.

Advanced technology materials and state-of-the-art 3D printing for the construction of high-precision personalized splints – all of those high-quality materials and techniques can be found only at the Trio Dental Center in Tirana, Albania.

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What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign method is the most advanced orthodontic treatment system. The Invisalign braces are an invisible choice of a series of thin transparent aligners for the upper and / or lower teeth, which are horseshoe-shaped and apply to the teeth just like a glove fit in the hand.

Invisalign treatment has been clinically proven to be very effective and often costs the same or less than other treatments. In the hands of an experienced Orthodontist Invisalign can be used to treat mild to complex problems related to straightening teeth.

Is Any Orthodontic Treatment Possible with the Usage of the Invisalign Method?

Invisalign used to be quite limited to cases of minor orthodontic movement, as well as to a certain age range, adolescents and adults. Now, the method has evolved a lot. It can be considered suitable even for mixed dental blocks, i.e., for young children who have new and permanent teeth in the mouth, but at the same time it is a method of choosing difficult movements in very complex cases. However, there are several cases that cannot be cured by Invisalign alone.

How Does the Invisalign Process Work?


Once your Invisalign dentist confirms that you are suitable for this treatment, he or she will take pictures, x-rays and digital scans or dental impressions of your teeth. These recordings will be used in order to create a ClinCheck 3D® treatment plan personalized according to all your dental needs.

Dental Splints

After custom construction and shipping to your dentist’s office, you will receive a set of Invisalign in order to wear them on a daily basis and change them at home – on average every 1-2 weeks.

These braces are applied sequentially to the patient and, gradually, move and straighten the crooked teeth without using the classic “braces”.

Every two weeks you replace the old braces with new ones that will continue to move your teeth for another two weeks and so on.

Thus, the progress of the treatment continues with the alternation of the Invisalign every two weeks until the last Invisalign will bring the final straightening of your teeth by moving them to their final (straight) positions.


You will visit your dentist in order to monitor your progress and to receive new Invisalign. After completing your treatment plan, you will need braces to maintain your new smile.

Due to the fact that the Invisalign is transparent, comfortable and mobile, it does not interfere with your daily life or food or other activities.

The Invisalign method is the treatment of choice for busy people who want to improve their smile without the aesthetic commitments caused by the classic “braces” and without changes in their quality of life.

How Long Does a Treatment With this Method Last?

The duration of the treatment is not influenced by the orthodontic appliance used method, but by the treatment plan and the doctor’s experience in the application of the selected dental movement methods. Orthodontists who cite the increased duration as a disadvantage of the Invisalign method do not argue scientifically substantiated claims and in fact avoid starting an incident with pre-determined Invisalign Aligners with inaccurate justification. Thus, depending on the severity of each case, 3-24 months are enough in order to reach the desired result, which is exactly what applies to the glued braces.

How much should one wear each membrane in its mouth? Is it enough only when he is home and sleeping at night?

In any cases! The membranes must be in the mouth for at least 20 hours daily in order to have a smooth transition from one to the other. If this is not followed literally throughout the treatment, it is a given that it is not possible to achieve an even result. The need for full cooperation is perhaps the most decisive factor in ensuring one of all aspects of a perfect therapeutic effect.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign?

But, why choose Invisalign and what are the advantages of this treatment compared to classic braces?

Almost Virtually Invisible

The Invisalign braces are almost invisible. It’s hard for anyone to notice that you’re wearing them.

You Enjoy your Food and Drink

They are easily removed whenever you want, unlike metal braces. So, during the treatment you can eat and drink whatever you want.

Proper Dental Hygiene

You can brush your teeth and easily floss them.


Invisalign clear aligners are much more comfortable than the traditional braces. They are transparent as well as custom made in order to be comfortable fit for each client. 

You are Aware of the Final Result

You can see from the beginning the virtual final result of your treatment for how your teeth will be when you complete the treatment.

They do not Cause Minor Injuries to your Mouth

Unlike classic braces, the transparent Invisalign aligners do not cause minor injuries to your mouth.

They do not Affect your Social Life

Due to the fact that the Invisalign clear aligners are very thin and transparent, they do not prevent you from your daily activities, your speech and your interaction with people around you.

What Dental Problems Does Invisalign Fix?

Some of the orthodontic problems that Invisalign treats are the following:

Excessive Yawning

Yawning can cause insufficient or painful chewing, and even speech impairment. It can also lead to bigger problems such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD).


The cruciate ligament causes one or more of the upper teeth to close inside the lower teeth. This can cause tooth decay, gum disease and bone loss.

Sparse Teeth

Problems related to distances and gaps between teeth can lead to gum problems (due to lack of protection from the teeth), periodontal pockets and an increased risk of periodontal disease.

Tooth Congestion

Excessively crowded teeth can deteriorate over time and lead to very crooked teeth. This congestion can lead to plaque buildup, tooth decay and an increased chance of gum disease.

Tooth Superficial Closure

Superficial occlusion can lead to gum problems or irritation and / or wear on the lower teeth and can cause painful problems in the jaw and joint.

Incomplete Tooth Closure

Incomplete closure can interfere with the normal operation of the front teeth or molars, which can lead to tooth decay. It can also cause painful problems in the jaw and joint.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • You have excellent results in a short time
    • The aesthetics of the denture is not burdened by the unsightly appearance of the method with braces
    • You can easily remove it, either by chewing or brushing your teeth, and thus maintain high levels of oral hygiene.
    • Avoid the accumulation of germs and the formation of pigmentation and plaque on the teeth
    • It does not irritate the gums and does not cause discomfort

This phase, also called the passive phase of Orthodontics, is necessary in order to maintain the beautiful smile we achieved with the help of this treatment for a lifetime. This is because the teeth after the removal of orthodontic appliances (braces or Invisalign Aligners) have a tendency to return to their original crooked positions, because they have simply not yet stabilized in their new straight positions. Teeth stabilization generally takes a long time and therefore maintenance must be imperative especially in the first year after the end of treatment. After the first year it is allowed to be more relaxed, and it is done mainly during the evening hours and sleep.

The tendency of the teeth to move to their original positions is something that can last for a long time after the end of the treatment (either with braces or with Invisalign braces) while it is different from person to person. No dentist can predict the speed and magnitude of tooth recurrence in their original crooked positions. In general, the greater the orthodontic problem and the movements of the teeth to correct it, the greater the chance of recurrence.

The maintenance of the result is usually achieved with the use of mobile orthodontic appliances (transparent braces) that the patient wears at night (at least 10 hours daily). Also, by gluing a special orthodontic wire from the inner surface of the front teeth, we enhance their immobilization, thus ensuring the beautiful result of the treatment, even when we do not wear the transparent maintenance braces.

However, we make sure to brush the maintenance braces daily with our toothbrush and toothpaste. When we do not wear them, we keep them in the special case provided by the Orthodontist because otherwise there is a risk that they will be lost or broken. It is good to keep our braces in good condition because that way they keep our teeth in the right places.

During the Maintenance phase, which lasts as long as we want to have a beautiful smile, our visit to the Clinic for check-up and re-examination by the Orthodontist is repeated 3 times a year.

The specialized orthodontists of the Trio Dental Clinic provide specialized services to children and adults. With high scientific training, we face any orthodontic problem – small or large – with the application of the most modern methods. The most modern and innovative techniques are used in order to solve all orthodontic problems.

The Invisalign method is an alternative treatment that allows us to correct orthodontic problems, without using wires and braces. When you decide to wear a comfortable, removable, transparent Invisalign Aligner, you can gradually get the smile you always wanted.

Trio Dental Clinic is the most reliable route to a beautiful and attractive smile. Forget the painful processes of the past. The pioneering treatment with invisible braces changes the data in the field of orthodontics. Get a beautiful smile without anyone realizing that you have started orthodontic treatment.

If you want to find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign Aligners, you must first schedule a clinical examination with the dental staff of Trio Dental Center. Together, we can analyze the condition of your teeth and discuss your personal aesthetic goals.

Once your treatment is completed, you will no longer wear the transparent Invisalign Aligners, but braces will need to be fitted in order to stabilize them. Retainers are removable mouthpieces designed to help maintain the new position of your teeth and prevent them from moving to their previous position.

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