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Showing an amazing transformation using immediate loading implantology in Albania.

Dental implants are the biggest revolution in the field of Dentistry in the last six decades. After many years of experience while dealing with dental implants, Trio Dental Center knows how useful and at the same time how demanding is the Immediate Loading Implantology in Albania. The immediate loading implants are demanding in terms of design, execution as well as maintenance of the therapeutic effect. 

When performing the surgery (implant loading placement) and the prosthesis in our office, we take full liability for each case, bearing its responsibility. We place dental implants with such a method and equipment where it makes the procedure completely painless, with most of our patients describing the experience as less painful than a simple extraction.

With modern methods and the necessary equipment, we can overcome the obstacle of insufficient bone, and make implants even in patients who in the past were unable to receive treatment with dental implants. The protocols we follow are personalized, based on scientific documentation and tested.

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What is Immediate Implant Placement?

The Immediate loading Implantology is the procedure in which the dental implant is placed at the same time as the extraction of the natural tooth during a single visit. Immediate implant placement was first reported by Schulte and Heimke in 1976, and was called “direct implantation”.

Over the years the method of immediate loading implants has evolved and today has extremely high success rates. Careful selection of cases to be applied, proper planning of treatment steps and precise surgical placement of implants are the three necessary factors in order to achieve predictable and aesthetic results.

What is Immediate Loading Implantology?

The immediate loading technique was developed in response to the growing demand of patients for faster treatment and completion of the procedure in a short time. Immediate loading implantology is mainly aimed at individuals who, due to social or professional obligations, do not wish to remain without teeth for a long time or do not tolerate the use of the usual temporary prosthetic works placed for the period between implant placement and completion of osseointegration. 

Immediate loading implantology involves the placement of the final prosthetic work within 48 hours of the placement of the implant. It can be applied if sufficient initial stability of the implants is achieved, which is measured by the implantologist with a mechanical or electronic device. 

The prosthetic work placed on the implants for immediate loading requires special design by the prosthetist and takes into account factors such as bone density and the initial stability of the implant during placement, the number and position of the implants, the area of the mouth that restores, the condition of the rest of the block, any functional and non-functional movements and sixes etc.

A person with open mouth showing his teeth replacement transformation using immediate loading implantology in Albania.

Why To Choose Immediate Loading Implantology?

When you decide to receive a dental implant surgery which contains immediate loading dental implants then you will find your teeth functional and aesthetically pleasing just in a few hours. At the same time, you will be able to resume your normal daily activities soon after you finish the procedure. 

What is more, when you do not have a tooth missing then you will not experience any image problems or self-esteem which are related to edentulism (in other words – missing teeth). 

Immediate loading of implants is characterized by its excellent aesthetic and functional results and is addressed to people who, due to social or professional obligations, are not allowed to appear without teeth.

You should know that if the conditions of your dental hygiene are not favorable for an immediate loading, then, as a result you will not have a correct bone healing.

All on 4, all on 6, all on 8 in Albania.

The Procedure of Immediate Loading Implantology

Diagnostic examinations

Primarily, the patient’s suitability for immediate function implant placement and whether the direct charging technique is appropriate for his case should be considered. Dentists should know the complete dental and medical history of the patients before performing various diagnostic tests. These tests include photographs, x-rays, and a special Dental CT scan. The data from these tests will be analyzed, as it is vital to assess the quality of the bone that will surround the dental implants.

A photo in the middle of immediate implant placement to replace a missing teeth.


Using special digital technology, a model of the jaw bones is made, on which a special surgical splint will be designed that will determine with absolute accuracy the position and the placement angle of each implant.

Your surgeon will then insert the implant directly into your jaw using this surgical splint. Your artificial teeth will be attached to the dental implant shortly after the surgery is completed. A surgery in order to insert the implant is a fairly short procedure and is usually performed under local anesthesia.

When Is Immediate Loading Implantology possible?

When referring to immediate loading dental implants you should know that they are not a universal procedure. The patient should meet a number of conditions in order for the treatment to be viable and successful. In order to have an immediate load implant, you should meet the following conditions: 

  • Being a healthy patient without having any pre-existing conditions
  • Being a patient with good habits of an oral hygiene as well as understanding the technique that must be applied
  • Having a maxillary bone with an adequate bone volume
  • Having a sufficient bone quality
  • Absence of bone diseases
  • No dental history of bruxism (excessive teeth-grinding)
  • Having a dental implant which has an adequate morphology as well as a surface area
  • Satisfactory degree of stability of the implants
  • Harmonious occlusal forces and function of the oral system
  • Careful tooth extraction and surgical cleaning of cystic lesions
  • Favorable height and width of the remaining bone
  • Lack of aggravated medical history
Showing a person before his teeth replacement and after dental implants smiling.

What are the Benefits of Immediate Loading Implantology?

When the dentist confirms that the Immediate Loading Implantology is an appropriate procedure for the patient, then he or she will inform you about the advantages that this technique provides. Some of those benefits are:

  • A minimum waiting time in order to obtain the restoration technique of your missing teeth.
  • You will undergo only ONE surgery.
  • The gums are adapted in a better manner to the crown and make the implant look like a natural tooth.
  • It is the most complete imitation of natural teeth.
  • They eliminate the pain caused by dentures which over time do not fit perfectly in the mouth.
  • They help protect the jaw bone. 
  • More acceptable to patients (compared with the removable substitute)
  • Provides efficient fabrication of the final restoration.
  • Reduction of time that the patient needs to stay without teeth.
  • The number of teeth that need to be restored does not matter, the immediate loading of implants can be completed in case one tooth or several teeth are missing.
  • the reduction of required visits and appointments.
  • Eliminate the need to use removable dentures.
  • Stops the unsightly and aging absorption of the jaw bone.
  • Similar high success rates with conventional charging.
  • More stable height of gums and bone around implants compared to conventional loading.

Contraindications for the Application of the Immediate Loading Implantology Method

Holding a person mouth open to showcase the screws of dental implants before placing top quality implants.

The following points are contraindications to the application of the immediate loading implantology method:

  • Aggravated medical history of the dental patient
    • Poor general health
    • Severe dysfunctional hex (e.g., bruxism)
    • Low quality bone substrate
    • Heel bone height <12mm. in the area of interest
    • Fat thickness of the alveolar bone <6mm in the area of interest
    • Inability to find suitable locations with satisfactory dispersion
    • All general contraindications for implant placement.

How to Maintain an Immediate Loading Implant?

Complications which are related with dental implants are widely known. These complications can lead to loss of osseointegration and implant failure. The appropriate maintenance of the patient, the home hygiene as well as the regular check-ups (dentist sessions) extend the life of the implant products.

Complications (such as loosening of the screws which secure the prostheses to the implants or reabsorption of bone that causes mucosal loss in a removable prosthesis) can easily be prevented by regular examinations. If the bolts of the stumps or prosthesis fittings need to be tightened, the relevant work should be completed by the dentist, with the assistance of suitable tools and equipment in order to control the tightening torque. These tools should be calibrated at regular intervals.

If the patient becomes aware of any problem, then he should contact his dentist as soon as possible, in order to restore the decent functioning of the prostheses. If the appointment with the dentist is not scheduled in time, the fixing screw or the screw of the prosthesis may break, and / or the implant may be lost, with adverse consequences for the restoration. Dentists should counsel their patients in this matter.

Complications can be biological (loss of integration) or mechanical (breakage of a component due to excessive load). If no complications occur, the duration of the components and the entire prosthesis depends on the mechanical strength, depending on the accumulated stress of the component.

Why Choose Trio Dental Center for an Immediate Loading Implantology?

Patients want and need safe and effective dental treatment plans that can be performed as soon as possible and with as little pain and discomfort as possible. Immediate placement and loading of implants are valuable techniques for dentists, but the skill and experience of medical staff, as well as the expertise to determine the patient’s suitability for immediate placement and loading of implants, are critical to ensuring successful long-term results. 

At our Dental Clinic in Tirana, Albania we have the necessary specialization and along with our many years of experience in the placement of dental implants with immediate charge we can ensure you a perfect smile in one day with a single surgery at an affordable cost. Trio Dental Center is the most appropriate choice for your immediate loading implants that you can ever find in Tirana, Albania. 

Immediate Loading Implants are now the treatment of choice for lost teeth but they certainly do not replace natural teeth. In our dental clinic, we respect natural teeth, and do what we can to maintain them before implant treatment. 

Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment. Contact Trio Dental Center now and we assure you that you will not regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Given the thorough preoperative examination, our experience and the international documented literature clearly show that the treatment with dental implants is safe, with success rates of 96-99%.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless. Minor discomforts may occur after the surgery procedure; however, any side effects are usually mild and easy to treat. Most patients easily treat the discomfort with a simple painkiller.

Caries may never occur in a dental implant, but that does not mean we should not take care of it as we would with any other tooth. Maintenance requirements include adequate oral hygiene with brushing and interdental brushes or floss, twice daily.

It is also necessary to re-examine and clean at the dental clinic every six months. The examination includes a clinical and – if necessary – radiographic examination.

Given good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, a high-quality dental implant can remain intact for decades, even for life.

The material that dental implants are created of – is titanium, a metal biocompatible with the human body, as discovered by the aforementioned “father” of modern dental implantology, Per-Ingvar Brånemark. Within a short time, the titanium becomes one with the bone and remains stable, ensuring the smooth chewing function with the placement of the artificial tooth.

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