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Showing a person teeth before and after teeth whitening procedure in Albanaia, a cosmetic dentistry Albania service.

Cosmetic Dentistry Albania – Trio Dental Center

Cosmetic dentistry emphasizes the aesthetic improvement of the appearance of the teeth (teeth whitening, resin veneers, porcelain veneers, implants, etc.), the gums and the closure of the patient, maintaining the basic principles of classical dentistry. On the other hand, traditional dentistry focuses on oral hygiene, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases.

Today, developments are rapid in the field of dental materials. As a result, dentists need constant updating and training to adapt to the data. At the same time, modern cosmetic dental techniques help to achieve the preservation of natural teeth for as long as possible. In addition, modern methods of intervention of dentists in the teeth are done in such a way as to minimize any damage to natural teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry offers many options for patients who are unpleased with their smile. With the modern technology of ceramic materials, we have the possibility to offer works of high aesthetics which can be crowns, oral coating of the tooth (face) or inserts. The dental clinic of Trio Dental Center is a pioneer in the regeneration of your smile, with years of experience in the field of dentistry. We are here to deal with any problem you have, no matter how complex, in a quick and reliable manner with the most valid and innovative techniques.

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Categories of Cosmetic Dentistry

Demonstrating Invisalign braces from a photo angle above them, they are seated in a blue table.


Invisalign Aligners are invisible braces that are clinically proven to be an efficient choice. They can be used to treat from mild to complex problems which are always related with the teeth straightening. 

This kind of method has evolved a lot and can be suitable for mixed dental blocks. The specialized orthodontists and dentists of the Trio Dental Center clinic offer the most innovative techniques when it comes to braces. Invisalign Aligners are comfortable, removable as well as transparent braces that provide you the smile you want in a gradual and quick manner.

Showing how dentist measure dental veneers for patients. A patient smiling while dentists decide which are the best dental veneers.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are a porcelain coating which is present in the form of thin plates which are also applied on the surface of your tooth. Teeth veneers are the fastest way in order to restore your teeth. This procedure does not need any significant grinding of your teeth. 

Trio Dental Center helps you have a painless and efficient procedure for your dental veneers. The staff of Trio Dental Center offers you a smile as a result of your customized needs and expectations. Our dentist and orthodontists advise you in a correct and professional manner. 

A girl using her invisible dental braces and smiling.

Dental Retainers

Dental Retainers are a kind of appliance which is used after braces or other orthodontic appliances that come off. It is customized for each patient and it can be either plastic or metal. They fit perfectly on the top of your teeth and mouth.

This method, as a result, offers you a beautiful and attractive smile which at the same time maintains the success of your orthodontic treatment. Trio Dental Center offers an outstanding appearance of your teeth and helps you be comfortable again around people.

Teeth improvement before after. Fixing teeth and making them white.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is an effective way of whitening your natural teeth. It is a dental procedure that offers you fast and productive results. It helps you have an improved as well as boosted self-confidence of your appearance.

There are numerous reasons that your teeth might be whitened. For this reason, Trio Dental Center has a serious, conscience and professional approach for each client. We offer you a smile that magnetizes the sight of the people that are around you. We always try to be worthy of you and exceed all your dental expectations.

A photo showing gum correction in Albania. A patient at Trio Dental Center.

Gum Correction

Gum correction is a dental procedure that is used in order to treat certain kinds of dental diseases and conditions. There exist several types of gum correction that your dentist can recommend you in order to correct any caused diseases or dental conditions. 

Trio Dental Center performs this treatment method in order to restore the health as well as aesthetics of your mouth and provide you with a satisfactory result. Our dentists and orthodontists are committed to approach every patient’s case with discipline and integrity. 

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