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Image showing the results of a person after overdenture procedure in Tirana.

Dental Implantology Albania – Trio Dental Center

A person’s self-confidence in relation to his teeth also affects how one feels about oneself in general and about one’s appearance in particular. Dental implants are the ideal and modern solution in cases where teeth need to be replaced due to the loss of one or more teeth as a result of periodontal disease, caries, injury, or for any other reason.

Trio Dental Center makes possible every dream of yours. A nice smile gives us confidence, makes us attractive and beautiful. The staff of Trio Dental Center provides services which are completely compliant with the safety, disinfection & antiseptic instructions that are required for every dental care treatment.

Our well-trained staff as well as the great quality of our infrastructure, guarantee all the quality of the dental services that are provided. Do not hesitate to contact our dental clinic for any of your dental problems. Trio Dental Center will be happy to welcome you to our dental clinic and to discuss all the parameters and requirements that concern your problem as well as every possible solution that can bring your problem to an end. At Trio Dental Center you are always welcomed!

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What is Dental Implantology?

Dental Implantology studies the restorative treatment procedure of dental implants, which also includes the manner of the entire procedure but in a safe way, which must cause as little pain as and stress to each patient as possible.

When we refer to dental implantology we talk about a difficult as well as challenging field where many general dentists most of the time, find it difficult to handle this kind of process. In spite of that, a dental implantologist focuses on the process, and provides to patients a more effortless and efficient process of receiving their replacement teeth. 

The field of dental implant dentistry requires dentists who are well rounded as well as able to provide an accurate diagnosis, great quality treatment and aftercare to their patients. The procedure of dental implants often causes anxiety and stress in patients, so in this case, when the patient is followed by a focused orthodontist on dental implantology, he or she feels safe throughout the whole process.

How Does Dental Implantology Work?

The procedure of dental implantology where missing teeth are replaced, is a detailed procedure for each dentist. In spite of that, it is a reasonably simple and straightforward process for the patients. In essence, the dental implant placement procedure is completed in three steps. Those steps are:

  • Dental Implant Placement
  • Artificial Tooth Placement
  • Aftercare and Dental Check-Ups

As a matter of course, there also exists another extensive procedure which is involved in order to determine if the patient is an appropriate candidate for dental implantology as well as the exact way that the procedure needs to be performed and completed.

Posterior to the moment that both the dentist and the patient agree to proceed to dental implants, then an appointment is scheduled in order to place them. This appointment involves fusing the implant into your jawbone. By the time that the implant bonds with your jaw, then an artificial tooth is placed on the abutment of the implant. As a result, the patient is going to have a tooth or teeth which will look, feel and have a function as the natural teeth have.

What are the Benefits of Implant Dentistry?

Dental Implantology has various benefits when compared to other types of tooth restoration. Those benefits include the following ones:

  • Improve your appearance
  • Assist with the functioning
  • Is a long-term solution
  • Reduce your health concerns

The most discernible benefit of dental implantology is that when there is a place of gap which has been caused by the missing tooth or teeth, it will be replaced with a beautiful and attractive set of new teeth. This does not only assist on your appearance but also enhances your ability to eat and drink.

All on 4, all on 6, all on 8 in Albania.

Categories of Implantology

All On 4 Implants

When having several missing teeth which might have been caused from an injury or even if you have a tooth decay then an All on 4 Implant procedure is the right solution for you. This kind of process is a long-term replacement solution which helps you replace a full row of missing teeth. 

In order to be sure that you are suitable for this kind of procedure, the staff of Trio Dental Center will ask for your medical and dental history. After that we will examine you and have a complete understanding of your current situation. 

All On 6 Implants

All-on-6-Implants are used in order to restore the full upper or lower arch of your teeth in a one completely dental bridge. If you want to have a natural and attractive result then the all-on-6-implant solution offers you 6 natural looking dental implant teeth.

In order to be completely sure that you are a suitable candidate for this procedure, Trio Dental Center will make the most appropriate diagnosing as well as a proper implant dental planning. Our staff will pay great attention to each detail in order not to face any unwanted situation.

All On 8 Implants

An All-On-8 Implant is a dental solution for a majority of people. The way it works is that 8 implants are placed for every dental arch and they also work as “anchors” for a fixed and a dental bridge which does not remove at all. 

In order to decide the most appropriate kind of treatment for your personal needs, the staff of Trio Dental Center will take a 3D dental tomography and with this it will be determined if you need to have a bone grafting or sinus lift augmentation before you place your dental implants.

Example of bone grafting procedure for dental implant in Albania.

Bone Grafting

The aim of a dental bone grafting is to help your body recreate and rebuild its own bone in order to replace the lost part or parts of the jaw bone. A dental bone graft is a routine procedure which stabilizes the bone tissue that is located in your jaw.

At Trio Dental Center we make sure to listen to all your personal needs and requirements as well as study in a complete manner your dental case, in order to provide a customized and appropriate dental plan treatment for you.

Animated photo of an implant overdenture from a dental clinic in Albania.


Overdentures replace your upper or lower teeth and are removable implants which are connected to your natural teeth or even your dental implants. In order to have a completely successful and efficient procedure, your dentist should be aware of every detail of your oral and medical health so in the end give you a proper and suitable treatment plan.

Trio Dental Center pays very attention to every procedure of your oral health. We secure you qualified dental care with affordable prices as well as a magnificent result.

Animated photo showing the bottom overdenture. How easy it is done in 4 screws.

Immediate Loading Implantology

This kind of dental implant is completed during a single appointment. A dental implant is placed at the same time with the extraction of your natural tooth. This procedure is commonly aimed for people who do not want to remain without teeth for a long period of time because of their social or professional obligations. 

Trio Dental Center is the most appropriate place that you can ever find in Albania, for your immediate loading implants. The surgery and the prosthesis in our clinic are performed with complete responsibility from our staff. We make the procedure painless with the usage of e state-of-the-art equipment and our modern methods.

Delayed Loading Implantology

If your bone needs more time to complete the osseointegration then it is recommended to have a delayed loading implantology. The delayed implant is placed after your dentist is sure that the inserted implant is stable and can hold the pressure or force of chewing. 

You can trust the Trio Dental Center staff and be provided with the greatest results for your smile. The procedure of delayed loading implantology is used to be completed because it makes no difference with the appearance and function of the teeth of every client. The majority of people are suitable candidates for a delayed loading implant procedure. 

Metal Ceramic Crowns in Albania

Painless Dental Implants

The most popular tooth replacement option for a painless process is a painless dental implant. A dental implant is known for its durability and has an amazing ability to imitate the look and sense of your natural tooth. This procedure maintains your natural facial contours and in this case no one except you cannot say that you had a painless dental implant.

Trio Dental Center is a safe clinic for you that always provides a safe and excellent process for every kind of dental care treatment plan. We satisfy our clients and give them an impeccable dental experience. Trust Trio Dental Center for your dental care treatment and we ensure you magnificent dental results.

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