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Are you searching for a way to improve your smile? Do you look around for the best dental clinic to provide you with the greatest results? Then, be sure that we are here to answer every question you have on this topic. When you find yourself in such a position, remember that there are numerous choices all around Europe for the best dental clinics and it is in your hands to make the rightest choice. It does not matter from which part of the world you come from, keep in mind that while having dental treatments, you can as well have a small vacation in the most beautiful country and enjoy yourself. 

Albania is a country with many beautiful places and the number of tourists is increasing every year more and more. This is not only due to the magnificent places you could visit, but also due to the life that Albanians have created. It is shown that it is a country with multiple benefits. Depending on the type of person you are, you could either stay in a calm and green place or if you prefer the party life, you could stay in a loud place and enjoy yourself.

Albania is well known for its mother nature beauties, also for dental clinics with the most exceptional dentists. Trio Dental Center is a dental clinic, located in Tirana, Albania, waiting for you. Our achievement is to provide you with oral health care and the treatments you are in need of. We provide you with a well-trained and highly qualified team of dentists, in order to make sure you get the brightest smile and the results you are looking for. We assure you have a friendly and comfortable environment while getting the best dental treatments.

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What are All-on-6 Implants?

All-on-6 implants are also known as full mouth dental implants restoration or complete arch replacement. This kind of treatment is used to restore the full upper or lower arch of teeth in one complete bridge. This is a solution, usually used on patients with enough bone structure in the jaw. Many people might think it is the same treatment with all-on-4, however, all-on-6 uses six implants to place in the areas of the mouth with the highest bone volume. This procedure is a solution for people who want to replace all of their teeth with six natural-looking dental implants.

However, keep in mind that this is not a procedure for everyone. All-on-6 implants are a treatment for patients with full missing teeth or who plan to remove their remaining teeth and replace them with implants. This option offers a long-term treatment as an alternative to traditional prostheses. All-on-6 implants have the functionality of your natural teeth, if not better and the bridge is designed to secure you with good support for your cheek and lip muscles. This happens, as it restores the right height between your upper and lower jaws and it is highly important as if you do not support those muscles, some facial features could collapse inwards. 

All on 4, all on 6, all on 8 in Albania.

Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

As known, most patients have heard of removable dentures, however, what they do not know is that removable dentures can replace a complete component of lost teeth, meanwhile, all-on-6 implants offer a permanent solution to rebuild a full set of teeth. This is something that can make you feel confident again and allow you to have your life back, as you can eat and talk without the fear of doubt at any moment. Some of the other benefits that all-on-6 can provide for you are:

  • Fixed dentures
  • Easy home maintenance and cleaning
  • Fast recovery time
  • Lifelong solution
  • A bright and white smile
  • Instantly reverses age
  • Full-arch restoration
  • The convenience of no dietary restrictions 

All-on-6 Implants Procedure in Albania

The moment you decide to have all-on-6 implants, you should know that there are some alternatives you have, such as dentures, conventional dental implants, and all-on-4. The way the procedure goes is with steps. 

  • Consultation with your dentist. 

Before you proceed with the surgery, your dentists will check the overall condition and health of your mouth and jaw. If necessary, you will have some CT scans or X-rays taken. After both agreeing to the solution and surgery, your dentist will take the impressions of your mouth and lastly, your impressions will be sent to the lab in order for the prostheses to be created.

  • Anesthesia

Before having your surgery, your dentist will give you a local anesthetic, which will help you not to feel any pain throughout the process. After that, the process of cleaning and removing the bacteria will begin and so will remove the damaged tissue. 

  • Implant Replacement

At the beginning of the process, your dentist will drill four holes at the anterior of your jaw and two at the posterior end. Then, your implant will be placed at a 30 to a 45-degree angle and your new teeth are attached to the implants within a day. 

Cost of All-on-6 Implants in Albania

Normally, the first question that comes to your head when you have a dental problem is how much will the treatment cost? However, if you have the proper knowledge, you can also find clinics with the best service as well as with prices within your budget, if not lower. As you should be well aware, prices for dental treatments in Europe are very expensive, however, Albania has affordable prices and the best results. This happens, because of the fact that in Albania there are much lower tax rates and also the salaries are lower, however, the quality is on a par with what you would get in Europe, if not better.

Which People Can Have All-on-6 Implant Technique?

All-on-6 implants can be used for people with several conditions. This kind of treatment is offered on people who have plenty of bone volume and density in the middle area of the small molar teeth of the patients with a fully edentulous jaw. It can also be done if after the tooth extraction you can create a good cleaning process and if your oral hygiene is in good health. If you feel like something is not right or something is bothering you, then make sure to contact your dentist, in order to prevent any infection or complication.

It has great importance that if you want to have a successful implant rehabilitation, you need to have the right diagnosis and proper implant planning. In order to have good prosthodontics, your dentist should pay great attention to every detail of your teeth, so that he will not miss anything. When someone has missing teeth, it is quite normal that the face will have a sunken appearance, which will make that person look much older than he or she might actually be, however having the perfect placement of teeth will reverse his or her age. When you decide to have all-on-6 implants, your teeth will look natural and it will give you a radiant smile as well as make you look, at least, 15 to 20 years younger! 

Image of a patient after using all on 6 implants in Albania.

Why choose us for same-day teeth replacement?

Trio Dental Center is the clinic to provide you with the greatest results and give you the individual and proper care you need. Our staff is fully qualified and we make sure to give you a warm and friendly environment in order to feel relaxed while taking your appointment. Our clinic has state-of-the-art equipment and comfortable offices, which will make you feel cozy and calm. Our main goal is to assure you are taking the proper medical care from our side and for you to have the final results you imagine and have, for so long, been waiting for. Our clinic includes the best trained and most skillful dentists, so we can assure you the results of your dreams and give you the smile you have been longing for and ensure that you feel pleasant and secure when you smile in front of others. 

Trio Dental Center aims for the happiness of our client and the results that you will request. Our team uses advanced dentistry techniques and the newest dental technology, in order to provide you with the highest quality of dental care available. A team of specialists in implant dentistry is here to help you with everything you might need, from maintaining good oral health to perfecting your smile. You will be provided with the best treatment options and the moment you have your dental implants, you will understand that there will be no need to compromise, as you will have permanent teeth, which you do not need to remove from your mouth. You will have the ability to bite, chew and speak as you did with your natural teeth and finally be pleased and smile freely when you are around people.

Frequently Asked Questions

 The difference that most people are aware of between all-on-6 implants and regular dental implants is the number of implants placed in your mouth and many highly qualified dentists believe that all-on-6 procedure secures a strong and long-lasting smile as well as a stable base for the prosthetic dental arch.

While for most people the difference is quite obvious, for some others it might be difficult to understand. However, all-on-4 uses four implants, while all-on-6 uses six and it is shown that choosing the all-on-6 procedure can provide much more support for your bite and strength for your jaw. According to your condition, your dentist will choose the best option for you.

As a start, in order to understand your eligibility, you need to have an appointment with your dentist. After that, he or she will request and check your dental and general health records and through different options, your dentist will collect information and understand your eligibility for dental implants.

All-on-6 has proved to be a procedure that has helped many people regain their bright smiles and confidence. As a treatment, it gives someone more strength and stability for their jawbone with the proper implants and it can last up to 20 years. It gives you no problems and it stops dentures from moving around. The success rate is about 90% after 15 years and it has helped patients to be more comfortable and confident with themselves. 

The process of all-on-6 is very quick and it lasts around 1 to 2 hours. Through the procedure, you will take local or general anesthesia, which means that you will not feel any pain while in the process.

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