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Skeletal teeth prosthesis albania. Showing a skeletal device in teeth.
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How to replace my missing teeth? What is the best procedure for me to gain a bright smile? How can I feel comfortable again around others? Are these questions that bother you most times of the day? Actually, it is known that oral health has great importance to your overall health and it can easily affect it if you do not treat it properly. It is very normal that whenever you find yourself with an issue with your dental health, you do not know where to turn to and what to do. However, this is not something to worry about, as you have found the best clinic. 

Trio Dental Center is a dental clinic, based in Tirana, Albania, to fulfill your goals. We are specialized in the dental world and we are here to secure you a happy and warm environment so that you understand that there is nothing to worry about or be afraid of. You will be in the hands of highly qualified dentists and we will make sure that your results are exactly the way you have imagined. Our clinic is known as one of the best ones, because of our latest equipment and well-trained professionals, which can assure you that everything will go per your request and your final results will be fascinating. Our aim is to make sure that in the end, you have the brightest and most beautiful smile.

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What is Skeletal Teeth Prosthesis & Bone Manipulation?

The metal skeleton in your upper jaw is shaped like a band, whereas the metal skeleton in your lower jaw is shaped like a bow. Many times, we have seen situations where people have had many problems with their teeth, such as bone thickness and teeth not being located properly. These conditions have resulted in their oral health not being proper to place a dental bridge or they are not able to have implants inserted in. The solution for this problem is skeletal teeth prosthesis. The skeleton basis is made of cobalt-chrome-molybdenum alloy and this is where it actually got its name. A skeletal prosthesis is connected through attachments to other teeth.

People use bone manipulation procedures, in order to make their bones stronger and intensely durable and it is a technique, which provides structural changes while retaining bone integrity and growth. The techniques used for bone manipulation are inlay and onlay grafting, bone expansion, bone splitting osteotomy, and guided bone regeneration. Know that there are different devices used for these procedures and it has resulted to be a technique that most people use and have succeeded to reach their goals. 

Who is the Right Candidate for Skeletal Teeth Prosthesis & Bone Manipulation?

There are numerous reasons why someone would have a jawbone loss and would need a skeletal teeth prosthesis, however, if you have had a loss of jawbone density, you would certainly be the right candidate for a skeletal teeth prosthesis. Some of the most known causes are:

  • Gum disease – As known, gum disease is the most ordinary reason for teeth loss, which can easily affect and damage your jawbone, even though it will only start as a bacterial infection. 
  • Trauma – If you have had an oral injury or accident, then it is possible that it can finally conclude to a degradation of your jawbone and the strength of your jawbone will be decreased. 
  • Missing teeth – The most common reason to use this procedure is missing teeth, as it can surely wind up to the loss of your jawbone tissue, which will result in your facial structure looking more penetrated. 
  • Tumor / Cyst removal – Sometimes, it is needed for some patients to have their cysts and tumors removed, which will eventually result in the removal of a portion of your jawbone. This will conclude to the appearance and strength of it to be gone as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The complete recovery of your dental bone will need approximately three to nine months, but this does not mean that you will be in pain during this time. You will actually feel normal within a week or two, knowing that you will follow the rules of your dentist regularly. 

The success rate of bone grafts has come to 66.06% and the survival rate is 99.6%, however, allografts have a survival rate of 90.9% and a success rate of 82.8%. 

Normally, you should feel like you are getting back to normal after a few weeks, however, you should know that there will be needed a certain amount of time for your bone graft to be healed and grow a new jawbone. Be aware that within this time, you will not feel any pain, but it should take several months. 

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