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Image showing the results of a person after overdenture procedure in Tirana.

Are you missing teeth? Do you find it difficult to detect the proper clinic to provide you with what you need? Are you searching for dental offices that can secure your excellent dental care? Well, as difficult as it might seem to you, many times the answer is pretty easy. People are having these questions, because of their neglection to their oral health, which makes them vulnerable to many diseases and problems and it is proved that most people need to have the overdenture procedure, however, if you do a small research, you will understand that you could easily find affordable and great service for your oral hygiene.  

Albania has actually been shown to get many patients’ attention when it comes to their oral health. This happens due to many reasons, however, it is not only about the outstanding services it can provide for you as a country, but also for the magnificent and breathtaking nature places you could look around at and take time to relax with yourself or your loved ones. Albania can secure you the most qualified licensed professionals with the most affordable prices so that you do not need to put yourself in a difficult position. Even so, how would you know in what city or what clinic to look for your dental needs? 

We are here to answer every question and doubt you might have. Trio Dental Center is a dental clinic, which provides you with the best experts, specialized in every field of the dentistry world, and especially in the overdenture procedure. Although it is obvious, dental procedures can be quite costly and make you doubt if you should have them or not, that is not the case with Trio Dental Center. We, as a team, provide you with the greatest services, always with prices within your budget, if not less, and guarantee you a friendly and cozy environment. 

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What is an Overdenture Implant?

Animated photo of an implant overdenture from a dental clinic in Albania.

Many people suffer from the loss of their upper or lower teeth, however, there are numerous options available to replace them and get relieved from that problem. Overdenture implants have the ability to replace some or all of the upper or lower teeth in the mouth and they have an anchor in the mouth. These kinds of implants are removable and are connected to your natural teeth or dental implants. As a method, dentists combine dental implants with dentures, in order to help you, as a patient, feel like you have a complete set of teeth in a natural way. You can easily keep overdentures retained in the mouth with clips or other fasteners and prevent them from moving unreasonably, even so, you can release them from the frame and clean it or repair it if you have any problem with it. 

More specifically, an overdenture in the upper jaw, uses as a supportive structure a metal frame anchored by three or even more implants, but if it is on the lower jaw, then only two implants are needed with the frame. An overdenture implant contains pearly-white prosthetic crowns and simulated gum tissue. The gum tissue is most commonly made of pink acrylic plastic. Having an overdenture implant will help you to not reduce your diet and eat everything you desire, without the fear that you will have a problem. Know that they can also be great providers for the stimulation that your jaw is in need of. 

Who is the Right Candidate for Overdenture Implant Procedure?

Animated photo showing painless dental implants as a fast teeth replacement procedure in Albania.

In order to be the ideal candidate for overdenture implants, you should be in good general and oral health. Since they only use two implants for the lower teeth and four for the upper ones, it could easily benefit your dentist to find the areas with the best bone to place the implants, however, you are needed to have sufficient bone in your jaw to support those implants and to have healthy gum tissues, with no periodontal diseases. As known, there are some specific reasons why you would not be the right candidate for overdenture implants, such as if you are a smoker, tobacco user, or if you have chronic conditions. These situations can affect your healing process after implant surgery. 

You should be fully aware that the moment you lose a tooth, it will affect your jawbone, making it gradually deteriorate and once it is gone, it will not be back again. This is the most important reason why you should have a visit to the dentist and get the proper treatment when you lose a tooth. In order for the procedure to be fully successful, you need to let your dentist know every detail of your oral health so that they can find the proper treatment option for you and help you safely reach your results. 

All on 4, all on 6, all on 8 in Albania.

What is the Procedure of Overdenture Implants?

As with every procedure, this one also has its own steps that you need to be careful about and pay great attention to. Firstly, you will have an appointment with your dentist, in order for him or her to decide where and how your implants should be placed and after choosing the type of implant, then an according to treatment plan will come, depending on the condition you have. After that, your dentist will remove any existing teeth that need to be pulled, and then the implants will be fitted into your mouth. While the healing process will start, you might need a temporary denture, even so after the implants have been fully healed and the bone in your jaw adapts accordingly to the bases to hold them firmly in place, you can easily get your permanent overdenture. 

Animated photo showing the bottom overdenture. How easy it is done in 4 screws.

What are the Benefits of Overdenture Implants?

As overdenture implants are known as an ideal treatment and the most predictable way to replace your missing teeth, you should also know the benefits that they can provide for you and understand how they affect your overall health. Some of its benefits are:

  • Improves the force of your biting 

As you might have noticed, even though there has been a big improvement in the dental world, traditional dentures can never feel like your natural teeth, however dental implants have the support of your jawbone to have a similar look and function of your natural teeth, which means that you will not need to avoid your favorite meals. 

  • Preserves your jawbone 

Your jawbone can get very affected by the loss of your teeth, as it can deteriorate because it will not be stimulated by the root. An implant denture can easily replace the roots as well as the crowns to stimulate new bone growth to keep your jaw strong. In a conclusion, it will improve your oral health and support your facial tissues. 

  • Long-term solution

Having overdenture implants means that you will not have the need to replace them, as they last for decades if you treat them the proper way, which means that you do not have to worry about paying for new ones. Do not forget to check with your dentist regularly, in order to make sure everything is okay. 

  • Speech enhancement

The moment that you decide to have any denture or bridge supported by implants, it is completely sure that it will have a positive impact on your ability to speak, specifically on the upper jaw. However, patients who have worn removable dentures in the past, might not see a big difference. Even so, they will still be able to benefit from the greater stability of the denture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know, is that before having the surgery for your implants you will receive a local or general anesthetic, which means that you will normally feel some kind of discomfort after the procedure, but it will be minimal and you will not feel any unbearable pain. 

The answer to this question surely depends on how you will take care of your implants and how often you have your check-ups and professional cleanings. Overdenture implants are not susceptible to dental diseases, like decay, and are aware that the health of your gums is essential to keep the success of your implants for a lifetime and not have any problem. 

Every patient is different and has its own health, however, so far, every healthy patient that has good oral hygiene and overall health is able to have a success rate of the implants above 90-95 percent.

Overdentures have resulted to be highly important, as they provide a very effective solution to regain your self-confidence as well as get back the ability to speak clearly again and enjoy every kind of food you desire. Overdenture implants have also resulted to provide you a healthier tooth replacement option to regular dentures. 

Partial dentures can easily come in different forms and yours will be detected by your dentist after careful evaluation. Some of the types are acrylic partial dentures, cast metal partial dentures, flexible partial dentures, etc. 

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