What you Need to Know About Dental Implants in Albania?

When we talk about dental implants, we refer to the most innovative method in order to treat the restoration of the empty areas of the patient’s mouth. In Albania those modern methods are performed from expertized dentists who always respect all the dental safety rules of dental care treatments.

In Albania, we apply innovative technologies in combination with safe and certified dental implants. Here, it does not matter if you are Albanian or foreigner – in each case, every clinic in Albania guarantees to the patient the highest quality of dental treatments and services along with the most affordable prices.

However, we have dedicated this article to dental implant placement in Albania, in order to provide you with more complete and detailed information on this subject.

What You Should Know about Dental Implants in Albania?

Dental implants are components that are surgically placed in the jaw bone in order to replace one or more missing teeth. Implants are artificial substitutes for the roots and have full functionality like natural teeth. With the implants we restore to our mouth the feeling we had before we lost our teeth, we regain the correct joint during the speech, perfect aesthetic appearance, while at the same time they are guaranteed the longest and most reliable solution.

Implant placement in Tirana is on the rise, as it is in all cities of Albania. Dental clinics in Albania have realized that interest in the sector of tooth implants is constantly growing and that is only a good factor. More and more dentists as well as people in Albania, are realizing the importance of dental implant placement. Very soon patients will be well informed and will also require high quality implants with a scientifically proven history. This is why dental implants in Albania have started having a great importance.

Why do People Choose Dental Implants for Teeth Replacement?

Dental implants can be chosen as a treatment for many reasons. Some of them are

  • the loss of a tooth due to a periodontal disease,
  • caries,
  • an injury
  • or old age.

In this way, the neighboring teeth are protected, as well as the soft tissues that embrace them.

Specifically, dental implants are used:

  • when only one tooth is missing,
  • when more teeth are missing,
  • but also, when all natural teeth are missing.

Tooth Implants avoid bridges as well as partial or complete dentures, which make it difficult to chew, speak and, consequently, patients’ social interactions.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

There are many important reasons that can lead you to choose a dental implant procedure. The benefits of dental implants are countless. Those benefits, usually include:

  1. Adjacent dental tissues and adjacent teeth are protected, as no grinding of the teeth is needed to restore what is missing.
  2. The alveolar bone is maintained at the correct height, in the places where loss has been observed, since the implant is integrated with the bone (osseointegration).
  3. Aesthetically, it is the best choice, since it is a faithful copy of the natural tooth, while, at the same time, the gums that embrace the implant are preserved.
  4. Chewing is done without any problems, unlike mobile prostheses, which are unstable.
  5. The results last for many years.
  6. From an economic point of view, dental implants are more advantageous than a bridge or a complete or partial denture, which will most likely need to be replaced at some point.
  7. The patient will now be able to speak comfortably, which will boost his self-confidence.
  8. They have the feeling and appearance of natural teeth.
  9. They replace lost teeth that can be located in scarred areas.
  10. We do not have long-term shrinkage of the bone mass of the jaws.
  11. We have increased self-confidence.
  12. Restoration of the natural appearance and function of the teeth

Why Choose Albania for your Dental Implants?

Rehabilitation with dental implants is an area of special importance and high specialization in Albania. Dentists in Albania are distinguished for their experience in the treatment of complex surgeries in the anatomical area of the patient’s head and neck. Moreover, here you can find every necessary radiological equipment along with surgical devices and instruments of high dental precision. In this way, complications and damage to nerves, jaw and paranasal sinuses are avoided.

For this reason, it is worth visiting Albania and its innovative dentist’s clinics, in order to get the appropriate answers to any questions about the placement of dental implants. It is very important for you to trust the most specialized and experienced dentist in the placement of dental implants, because this guarantees you the best possible result along with the highest quality of dental services.

Ways that Dental Implants are Evaluated for Safety

In recent years, a steadily increasing number of patients are being reconstructed with the help of dental implants. The materials used, the design as well as the placement techniques of the implants are evolving rapidly, with the result that their success rates range above 95%.

One of the main success factors of dental implants is the harmonious coordination of specialists (orthodontist-periodontist-prosthetist and dental technician). In the first phase, a detailed control of the medical and dental history should be completed. An important role in the treatment plan is played by the radiological examination with computed tomography of the jaw parts that will receive the implants.

In cases of bone loss there are bone grafting techniques with very good results, especially when applied by a specialized dentist.

A proper diagnostic design along with the construction of guides by the prosthetist help in the correct placement of the implants. When the above steps are not followed, the implants can be placed with the wrong inclinations and in unacceptable positions, resulting in difficult to problematic prosthetic restoration.

Another important success factor is healing time. When an implant is placed in the jaw, at least two (lower jaw) to four (upper jaw) months are required for successful Osseo-integration. After the prosthetic restoration of the implants, the proper daily oral hygiene plays an important role for their success.

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