Your Guide To Dental Implant Trips

Trio Dental welcomes you to your guide on dental implant trips! We will talk here about the importance and the effects this process provides. In this guide, we will also cover every step of the procedure from the initial consultation to the recovery process. Choosing the right doctor, and tips on what to expect and about the procedure will also be mentioned. Let’s take the first step on the path to a happier, healthier smile!

Dental clinics’ research

The most crucial step is to find the right dental clinic and the right team to take care of you. You can do that by researching by yourself or by finding a dental tourism facilitator.

Choosing the right clinic

Consider the following facts when you are looking for a clinic abroad for your dental implants:

  • Clinic reputation: When you do your research you can find recommendations and reviews online to understand the clinic’s reputation. 
  • Long experience: You need to check the experience the clinic has with dental implants and the staff’s experience.
  • Accreditation: You should look for clinics that fit the international accreditation, making sure they fit the set standards for safety and care.
  • Language: If you choose to go by yourself without the help of a dental tourism facilitator, you need to choose a clinic that is fluent in English, to not have any misunderstandings. 
  • Modern facilities: Look for clinics that are equipped with the newest technologies that will guarantee the best results. 

Do it yourself

As we said before you have two choices, you either do it yourself or you seek the help of a dental tourism facilitator. If you choose to do it yourself, the first step is to do research about dental clinics online. The things you should look for are the clinic’s reputation, the facility, certifications, evaluations, the specializations, training, and experience of dentists, as well as before-and-after examples, warranties, spoken languages, and accreditation. These are the most important factors. Examining the available dental implant systems is also crucial in order to know what is available for your case. 

It is important to get the best quality for your implants as it is the key to a successful procedure. Another important factor you should consider is the destination accessibility. It’s for the best that the clinic you choose is not very far away and it is accessible by flight. This will ensure a more comfortable aftercare experience as you should expect at least two round trips to the clinic. 

It can be tricky to choose a clinic online as the competition is strong. Do not fall into the cost comparison, before looking thoroughly at the other points that we mentioned. Although it can be tempting, other factors are more important for the success of the procedure. It is important to get as much information as possible when searching online. Another thing you could do is to make a list of questions to ask the clinic you choose for your treatment. 

Find a dental tourism facilitator

If doing it by yourself seems like a lot of work you could seek the help of a dental tourism expert. His role is to help you choose the right option for you, saving you time, money, and stress.

He will start by helping you choose the right clinic to plan the whole journey for you. At Trio Clinic you can contact one of our dental tourism facilitators. 

We’ve created our own set of standards by which we provide you with the best care and service. Despite other factors, dental tourism facilitators will help with the coordination of appointments with the language and cultural barrier. Another benefit is that you will receive the help and expertise of a professional who will educate you on several treatment options and help you choose what’s best for you. 

Getting a treatment plan

A thorough treatment plan for your dental implants can be obtained in two methods.


After you have chosen the right clinic for your treatment, you should expect to get a dental treatment that fits your case and needs. The dentist will tell you what he needs in order for you to receive the right treatment. In most cases, he will ask you to provide an X-ray or different kinds of scans to see where the problem is. If you are contacting the dentist online make sure you provide him with every information he needs. 

After the dentist looks at your case, he will provide you with the initial treatment plan. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to discuss them with the professional over the phone or by email, depending on your method of communication. You will get every information you need like the techniques, materials, and available procedures. The cost of the treatment should also be taken into consideration, you need to know that the final price will be set after you visit the clinic as you undergo a detailed examination. 

The thorough examination done by the dentist typically identifies other underlying issues that a straightforward panoramic X-ray may have missed. Although ordering a personalized treatment plan online has its disadvantages, it is currently the quickest and most straightforward approach for you to get an explanation of your treatment choices and everything about it.


For a personalized procedure plan that includes costs and deadlines, it is imperative to visit the clinic of your choice and complete a thorough examination and diagnostics. We strongly emphasize the importance of establishing a personal relationship with your dentist as it is crucial for your comfort and the overall effectiveness of your dental treatment.

If you’re looking to receive dental treatment abroad, Trio Dental is the perfect solution. By meeting your dentist and their team, you’ll receive a comprehensive treatment plan and be empowered to make an informed decision about dental implants. We provide all the necessary details for selecting the best option and can complete the process within just three business days. Plus, you can schedule additional procedures like teeth whitening, scaling, and polishing to make it a relaxing city escape. Trust us to provide the best guidance for your dental needs.

Planning the trip

Excellent! It’s agreed that the treatment plan is the way forward. Now it’s time you make sure that you schedule your appointment at the clinic as soon as possible.


Whether you prefer to plan your entire vacation or seek guidance from the clinic, it’s best to wait until your appointment date is confirmed before purchasing tickets, lodging, or insurance. Once you have a set date, search for flights that align with your dental appointments and select accommodation that matches your preferences, ideally located near the dentist’s office. Don’t forget to arrange transportation from the airport to your accommodation, and consider booking in advance for a hassle-free experience.

Ensure that you have everything covered by creating a thorough checklist. This should include all necessary travel and medical documents, insurance policies, and any vital visas. Additionally, take the time to plan out any leisure activities you may want to enjoy during your free time.

With an expert

Partnering with a trustworthy dental tourism facilitator can unlock a plethora of possibilities. By teaming up with an expert who understands the procedure and the destination inside out, you can save both time and money. These facilitators can also offer priceless recommendations for enjoyable activities to indulge in during your treatment. With extensive networks of first-rate lodging and dining options in the area, they can simplify your overall experience.

If you’re looking to optimize your treatment and recovery process, a dental tourism facilitator can be of great help. Especially after surgical procedures such as dental implant installation, staying calm and relaxed can accelerate the body’s healing process. It’s comforting to know that experienced assistance is available.

Are you curious about our approach? We offer a variety of accommodations at discounted rates, specifically chosen to cater to each phase of your dental implant treatment. We also provide pre-arranged meal plans featuring soft, nourishing cuisine, and offer enjoyable activities to enjoy during your free time as our client.

Dental treatment

Congratulations, you’re almost there in achieving your new smile! It is highly recommended that you have a companion with you throughout the dental implant procedure, whether it’s a single implant or a full-mouth rehabilitation. This is particularly important if you have dentophobia, low blood pressure, or if you’ll be receiving anesthesia. Having a friend, spouse, or family member by your side will ensure that you have someone to look after you after the procedure. We understand that it may not be feasible to bring a companion, but having constant support is well worth any additional costs.

The process of getting dental implants can be challenging both emotionally and physically. It makes a significant difference to have someone with you throughout the journey, not just providing support through phone, WhatsApp, or email, but also being physically present like we do at Trio Dental. Our team offers personal support at every stage of the journey.

Follow-up and aftercare

It is crucial to carefully evaluate the aftercare program of any dental clinic you may be considering abroad. You must be thoroughly informed about the necessary post-treatment procedures in case any issues arise, whether at home or in a foreign country. Remember, even if the treatment itself is successful, complications can still occur, even if they are super rare.

For those considering dental tourism, enlisting the help of a local facilitator can provide invaluable guidance on patient rights and post-operative care expectations. It’s crucial to stick to your dentist’s instructions for proper maintenance of your dental implants to guarantee their long-term success and resilience.

Are dental implants abroad safe?

While seeking dental implants abroad can help cut costs, it is important to prioritize your health and safety. It is crucial to research the healthcare regulations of the country where you plan to receive dental treatment. Some countries have a single regulating body for all medical treatments, while others have specific departments for dentistry. Be sure to educate yourself on your rights and responsibilities before traveling abroad for dental care.

Before deciding to get dental implants overseas it’s crucial to research the equipment and expertise used by the foreign clinic. Checking the credentials of the dentists and their guarantee policy can also guide your decision. In case of any issues after the treatment, make sure to educate yourself on the process. Sometimes, it’s recommended to handle things in your home country, while in other cases, returning to the clinic immediately may be necessary.

What will I need before my trip?

The dentist will provide you with enough information on what you will need before your trip. You must have your passport, clothes to change, the location of the clinic, and everything you think you need. Most of the time the dentist will also require you to show them every relevant information about your dental history, for him to understand your oral health better. 

How long should I plan to be abroad?

Determining the exact duration of treatment can be challenging as it largely depends on the number of teeth involved. Your dentist will guide you on the frequency of appointments required and their estimated duration. To save costs, it is advisable to purchase one ticket and then return it once the treatment is completed. Typically, the stud is inserted in the first appointment with minimal gum surgery required.

It is important to be aware of your gums after you undergo dental implant surgery. Generally, this period lasts for approximately six weeks. During this time, it is important to take care of your gums and maintain oral hygiene. It is vital to note that the implant will start to fuse with your bone over the next three to six months. During this healing process, a healing cap will be placed on the implant to protect it and allow it to heal properly. After this, the permanent crown will be placed in the treated area. The crown will fit in your mouth perfectly and it will blend seamlessly. 

To sum it up

Deciding to get dental implants abroad is not a simple decision. You need to do the proper research and find the right clinic that fits your needs and provides a great tourist experience. Getting dental implants abroad can be very tempting considering the benefits you get. Start by talking to a dentist in your area and consulting with friends and family you trust. It’s also a good idea to do some research on the clinic and its location. With proper preparation, dental tourism can be a great way to improve your oral health and smile. We hope that the information we provided was helpful enough for the start of your journey. 

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