How Often Do You Need a Dental Checkup

Are you wondering about how often you need to visit your dentist for a general checkup session? The truth is that it depends on the circumstances as well as from the person and his dental risk factors. 

However, we all know how important it is to take care of your teeth on a regular basis. Although, the general rule of how often you should visit a dentist is every six months or 2 times a year. It has been detected that people who do not experience problems with their teeth need to visit a dentist two times a year, while people who have several dental issues must get checked out from a dentist every 3 or 4 months. 

For what is more, we are going to analyze the subject further and inform you about anything you need to know about your visit to the dentist.

Why Do Dentists Recommend Regular Dental Checkups?

Annual routine dental visits are crucial for your oral health because they give your dentist the opportunity to distinguish any oral or dental issues that you might be experiencing at this moment. To give an instance, you can experience tooth decay, oral cancer or even a gum disease. 

In the case that your dentist detects a possible dental issue then he or she should discuss all the potential dental treatments with you. This gives you the chance to reduce any further risks of oral problems and therefore help in the maintenance of good dental health.

When you complete a regular checkup then it would be better for you to follow some preventive hygiene procedures which will assist you prevent the chances of an additional disease or discomfort.

If your dentist needs to have a detailed view of your mouth then you might be in need to get a few X-Rays taken. This would allow your dentist to recommend as well as detect the most appropriate dental treatment for your personal needs after completing the right diagnosis. 

How To Choose a Dentist for a Dental Checkup?

If you do not have a “family” dentist for whatever the reason, we are here to give you some tips in order to detect a professional dentist that at the same time you can trust:

  • Seek advice from people around you as well as from your health professionals (Pharmacist, General Physician, Physiotherapist and so on) who know you and your overall health well enough. Your family or friends can mention you to a dentist where they think you can communicate and trust by the time you complete your dental treatment. 
  • Check the dentist’s proximity and working hours. If the dental clinic is far from your home or workplace then you will have the tendency to postpone your dental appointments for another moment. On the other hand, if the dentist cannot see you on Weekends, then this might be a complicated situation for you. 
  • You must check the prices and expenses of the dental clinic because you might be charged additional fees. Therefore, you might not be able to afford the dental and oral treatments that you need to complete. 

What to Expect At your Dental Checkup?

A general dental checkup takes an hour or even less to complete. This appointment is completed in order to have a general assessment of your oral health as well as have dental recommendations for any necessary dental treatments or at-home hygiene tips. Although, every dentist sets some general procedures that he or she follows during a checkup process. In general, you can expect the following dental procedures at your checkup appointment:


If you need to take x-rays of your mouth then it will be recommended to have them at the start of the appointment in order to completely detect your mouth before the examination.

Cleaning and Polishing

Having dental cleaning has numerous benefits for your oral health. The dentist will clean your teeth and remove any bacterial plaque and tartar from the surface of your tooth and below the gum line. After that, the hygienist will polish your teeth with the help of a paste and floss in between your teeth. 

Oral Cancer Screening

Before starting the examination of your teeth, your dentist might perform an oral cancer screening first. This examination consists of the inspection of your palate, tongue, throat, inside of the cheeks as well as other parts of your oral cavity and detect if there are any signs of cancer. Moreover, your hygienist will detect if there are any abnormalities on the outside of your jaw and throat.

Cavity Detection

Following, the dentist will examine your teeth for any decay, cracks, chips or other damage which will require repair. 

Condition of Existing Dental Work

Dental fillings or even other dental works do not last for a lifetime and this is why your dentist will regularly check their condition during a checkup exam. After that, you might be recommended to have a new filling, dental crown or bridge – if the existing one is not as strong and healthy any more.

Assessment of Gum Health

Your dental hygienist will control the health condition of your gums and check any signs of gingivitis or periodontitis. The dentist will detect your mouth for pockets around your teeth where the gums might have pulled away as a consequence of a bacteria or plaque build-up underneath your gum line.

So, How Often Should You Visit Your Dentist?

Dentists recommend that you check your teeth twice a year, unless you have particular health problems. 

Now that you are aware about how often you must visit your dentist in Albania – are you ready to have a general dental checkup?

You can contact the team of our professionals now and we assure you that you will be comfortable during your appointment and satisfied with your final result. Contact us now and schedule a cleaning and oral examination. 

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