Teeth Whitening in Albania: Why Trio Dental Center?

Have you always wished you had a brighter smile? When it comes to tooth-whitening, there are two options available: in-office professional teeth bleaching, or take-home trays. Professional teeth whitening is usually the most efficient, safe and effective choice for brightening your teeth. When going for a teeth whitening treatment you should also consider your lifestyle habits, budget and whether an in-office treatment or a custom take-home-tray is the better choice for your needs. In this article we will talk about everything you should know about professional teeth whitening in Albania and why Trio Dental Center provides the most cost-effective and efficient options.

Professional Teeth Whitening Methods

For professional teeth whitening the two main products used are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. The oxygen molecules in these whitening agents weaken your tooth stains on a molecular level, unlike the abrasive ingredients in tooth whitening toothpaste which can mechanically remove only surface-level stains.

You can also find many over-the-counter (OTC) whitening strips, kits and pens that also use peroxide, but they differ from professional teeth whitening as the chemical concentration in OTC whitening products is much lower and it often doesn’t produce satisfactory results.

A professional dentist can use a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide in the office, because he can isolate the teeth using special rubber dams. In this way he can protect the patient’s gums from burning due to the peroxide getting into them. This higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide allows the dentist to achieve greater teeth whitening results for a bright smile.

There are a variety of professional teeth whitening methods. The quickest teeth whitening option is usually in-office professional teeth whitening. Meanwhile, custom take-home trays are a mix of in-office professional whitening and at-home teeth whitening methods in terms of treatment time and cost. Read on to find what works best for you.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office professional teeth whitening treatments are usually done in several short appointments. However, everything depends on your needs and goals. The dentist will apply a whitening agent on your teeth and leave it there for 15- to 30-minute increments. Meanwhile, the entire appointment usually doesn’t take longer than an hour and a half.

Usually, hydrogen peroxide gel is applied by a syringe and combined with a high-intensity light, such as LED, UV or halogen, the whitening agent activates, brightening your teeth in the process. The light is applied by a lamp or laser device that sits directly outside of your mouth. Afterwards, your tooth cells will recover, which means that most side effects such as sensitivity or discomfort are only temporary and transient.

What to expect during an in-office teeth whitening appointment?

In-office teeth whitening usually involves several steps:

  • At first, your dentist will use a tooth shade chart to identify the actual shade of your teeth. Then he will discuss with you how many shades lighter your teeth may become after the treatment.
  • Next, your dentist will use a pumice tool to clean and polish your tooth, while removing any remaining plaque.
  • To protect any fleshy parts of your mouth like your gums, cheeks or tongue from touching the whitening agent, your dentist will use special tools to keep your mouth open. He will also place a barrier along the gum line for optimal protection.
  • Afterwards, your dentist will apply the whitening agent and leave it on your teeth for up to an hour. During this time your dentist will use light activation if it’s part of your treatment.
  • Your dentist will reapply the whitening agent as many times as needed.
  • After the whitening process is done, you will rinse your mouth. In order to minimize any potential sensitivity your dentist may apply fluoride on your teeth.
  • By the end of your session, your dentist will discuss if your teeth have reached the desired shade. He will also advise you on the lifestyle habits you’ll need to practice for the next few days in order to let the whitening agent settle in. Some tips include not eating foods which may stain your teeth, avoiding coffee and red wine. That’s because after your teeth whitening treatment, your teeth will be dehydrated which makes them extra susceptible to liquid and food stains.
  • Keep in mind that your teeth may appear a bit darker a few days after whitening, even if you follow your dentist’s advice. Don’t let this bring you down. The reason this happens is that immediately after your treatment the dehydration makes your teeth look way brighter than they actually are. However, if after a week your teeth are still not at your preferred shade, talk to your dentist about other in-office visits or at-home products.

Why should I choose professional teeth whitening instead of OTC products?

Teeth whitening treatments are a form of dentistry. Which means specialized medical professionals go through many years of training to properly perform these treatments guaranteeing good results and their patients’ safety. In order to correctly perform any teeth whitening treatment without damaging your tooth’s enamel, you should trust the expertise of a dentist or another regulated dental professional. 

Buying DIY home teeth whitening kits may seem like a good option at first, but these products carry risks. First of all, you can’t control the amount of whitening agent that is inside these products. No matter what treatment you use, there’s a chance your gums will be sensitive to the chemicals used in teeth whitening, particularly if you already have sensitive teeth. The whitening agent may be too strong for your teeth or not strong enough to achieve the desired results. Moreover, you can’t protect your gums, as OTC products don’t come with custom trays made to properly fit your teeth. Ultimately, going to the dentist for your teeth whitening treatment is a cheaper alternative which guarantees results and special care for your needs.

Why should I choose teeth whitening at a clinic instead of salons?

Although some beauty salons offer teeth whitening, if there’s no dental professional present during the treatment the procedure is actually illegal and it may end up putting your oral health at risk. 

Having your teeth whitened by untrained staff without proper dental qualifications can greatly endanger your dental health. A salon cannot provide the proper equipment and medical staff to correctly and safely perform these teeth whitening procedures. You should always make sure to choose a reputable clinic for your teeth whitening treatments, as any possible damage to your teeth enamel is irreversible.   

What should I ask the dentist before my teeth whitening treatment?

When you consult your dentist don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. You should freely talk to them about the types of whitening treatment available, the results you can expect and how long they are likely to last. It’s also best to ask them whether there are any risks involved, especially if you have highly sensitive teeth or any other specific dental issue.

Moreover, a professional dentist should also provide you with a detailed treatment plan and an estimated cost before going ahead with the procedure. If you still don’t feel confident or have any other concerns, consult your dentist or other people who had the same treatment. It’s also worth reading your clinic’s reviews online and going through any extra information they provide on their website.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Teeth whitening can be a highly effective solution for yellow or stained teeth, however the results vary from person to person. Your teeth whitening results can last from a few months up to years, especially if you take good care of your teeth and follow your dentist’s advice. 

If you try to avoid smoking and drinking carbonated drinks, red wine, tea and coffee, your teeth will have a higher chance of staying pearly-white. Of course, making sure your brush and floss and rinse regularly is mandatory. You can also use take-at-home trays as a follow-up treatment if your dentist thinks it’s a good idea.

Some of the acidic and tannin-rich foods and beverages you should try to avoid include:

  • Black tea and coffee
  • White and red wine
  • Energy drinks
  • Carbonated beverages 
  • Berries and other strongly-colored foods
  • Different sauces (soy sauce, tomato sauce, etc.)

Why should I choose Albania for my teeth whitening treatment?

More and more people are realizing that a beautiful smile goes a long way toward improving their overall appearance. However, cosmetic dentistry services, such as teeth whitening treatments, can be very expensive. That’s why people are always in the search for better and more cost-effective alternatives for their dental services. A popular dental travel destination such as Albania offers quality, affordability and security.

Teeth whitening in Albania is one of the most popular treatments for both local and foreign patients. Thousands of people choose to get their teeth whitening done in Albania due to the low cost for these treatments. Since Albania has a lower tax regime compared to other countries, teeth whitening comes at much lower prices.    

Although teeth whitening in Albania is cheaper, it is performed by professional dentists, most of whom are educated abroad. These dentists have many years of experience in cosmetic dentistry treatments, which means they can guarantee high quality teeth whitening with beautiful and natural-looking results. Ultimately, choosing a reputable clinic for teeth whitening in Albania is a wise and cost-effective choice for anyone. 

Why is Trio Dental Center the best choice for teeth whitening in Albania?

Trio Dental Center excels in providing the best teeth whitening treatments in Albania. They offer high-quality teeth whitening, the latest equipment and products, certified materials and whitening agents, a comfortable and sterile environment and the best medical staff in the area. 

The dentists at Trio Dental Center treat each patient with integrity, empathy and professionalism. Their mission is to give each patient the smile of their dreams. You can freely discuss all your concerns, worries and desires, and they will make sure to prepare the best treatment for your teeth whitening goals.

Moreover, you can rest assured that at Trio Dental Center, your dentist will use certified materials, sterile equipment and the latest techniques in teeth whitening, so that any side effects are mitigated. You will come out of the dentist’s office with pearly-white teeth and healthy gyms. Dentists at Trio Dental Center understand the importance of a good looking smile, so they will do their best to prepare a teeth whitening treatment tailored to your needs and desires. 

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