6 Foods That are Bad for Your Teeth 

Have you ever wondered if the foods that we consume are not so innocent and aggravate tooth decay? But what foods can damage and harm our teeth? There are foods that act positively and others that harm our oral health. Although, prevention is the best treatment.

We are going to mention 6 foods that are bad for your oral health. However, you do not need to exclude those foods from your diet but it would be better to consume them in moderation because they damage your canines and molars. 

Here are 6 foods that have a negative impact on our oral health.

  1. Sugar

We must emphasize that a continuous diet that contains a large amount of sugar allows the bacterial population to multiply and produce acid which dissolves the enamel. So, that means that foods which contain more than 20% sugar as well as sweets such as raisins, Turkish delights, lollipops and candies which are sticky, remain on the teeth for more hours, especially if it is evening and we do not brush our teeth, resulting in their easier caries.

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  1. Alcoholic, Carbonated Beverages, Coffee and Smoking

Smoking is not just a factor that causes physical health problems, but it is also a cause of numerous oral health problems. Except for the pigments and discoloration that it causes to our teeth, as a result of which they undoubtedly need to clean pigments and whiteners – smoking creates a further stench of our mouth. It is taken seriously into consideration in the assessment of the implant cases, if the patient is a heavy smoker.

In cases of periodontal diseases or discomforts that are being treated, smoking has a slowing effect on the rate of tissue healing. Smokers are estimated to be 7 times more likely to develop periodontal disease than non-smokers.

Drugs often have clinical symptoms in the mouth from side effects such as dry mouth, ulcers, bad taste and these side effects are a major problem for the 3rd age who statistically takes the most medication.

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  1. Tomato Sauce and Ketchup

Tomato-based sauces can stain your teeth due to the high levels of acidity in tomatoes. Remember to eat foods such as lettuce or broccoli in advance, to form a “protective coating” on the teeth and reduce their color. However, nothing will completely prevent tomato stains from forming.

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  1. Crackers

Processed carbohydrates, such as popular crackers, are easily converted to sugar in your mouth, providing plenty of food for the oral bacteria that spoil your teeth. In addition, when you chew them, you create a pulp that sticks to the teeth and between them, eventually destroying them. However, those who consume them once in a while, have no fear, especially when they take care of their oral hygiene after each pack of crackers.

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  1. Wine

Experts say that whatever you do not want to stain your white tablecloth, you do not want to “dirt” your teeth. The chromogens that are contained in red wine, in continuity produce substances that discolor your teeth. What is more, the tannins of red wine dry the mouth, while creating even more stains on the teeth. The enemy, however, is not only red wine but also white, which contains acids that allow stains from food or other beverages to do their job “in a finer way”.

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  1. Pickles

Pickles need some acid in order to get prepared, which gives them vinegar and is essential for the acidification process. This is what gives pickles their sour, salty taste and makes them dear to our palate, and at the same time it is the same thing that causes damage to the enamel of our teeth. 

A study which was made in 2004 of 418 14-year-olds in northwest England (Birmingham) detected that pickles caused the most significant problems with tooth enamel corrosion from most solid foods tested. In addition, it was found that children who consumed pickles more than once a day had an increased chances of deterioration at about 85%.

Now that we know which foods are bad for our teeth, it would be better for everyone to brush their teeth on a daily basis (preferably three times a day), after meals and especially the foods mentioned above. We all know that: prevention is better than cure.

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