How to Maintain Healthy Teeth during Summer?

Summer is probably the season of the year we most look forward to. Being the hottest out of the four seasons and coming right after spring and before autumn, it offers such temperatures that allow you to go outdoors and have fun. Throughout these times, you will be able to go to different places for a holiday and try various types of foods and drinks. Summer is a season made to create lasting memories that will be carried out for years to come. You must take care of your oral health to make sure that the teeth stay healthy during the complete summer. 

Avoiding sugary drinks and food for better dental health.

Avoid Sugary Drinks and Snacks

The high temperatures during summer will have you looking for cold drinks every now and then. A lemonade, soda, or juice box, is what you will reach for to satiate your thirst. They can be quite delicious but not suitable for your oral or general health. Sugary drinks and snacks impact your teeth’s health and may result in tooth removal by the end of the summer because of tooth decay. Make sure that the sugary snacks are taken in moderation, and that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Brushing your teeth twice a day will help keep the teeth healthy and have a fresh breath.

Don’t Use Them to Open Things

We all have the tendency to have food and drinks around to keep us healthy while having fun, as summer comes around. Some of the snacks we consume need a little force to get them to open, but the tools required are far from our reach. Do not use your teeth as a solution. Simply because it is probable, it doesn’t mean you should. Such action can lead to your teeth cracking, chipping, or even teeth removal, which can be quite painful. Check on the kids too. They tend to put in their mouth the craziest things that will result in them getting hurt or losing teeth. In case of such an issue, contact Trio Dental Center and book an appointment with a dentist to treat the harmed tooth. At Trio Dental Center we offer excellent treatment. No one is fond of ruining their summer and spending half of it in pain or constantly going to the dentist, which means you won’t get to enjoy the food, the drinks, or the summer altogether. 

Using fluoride for dental health.

Strengthen Your Teeth with Fluoride

Aside from teeth brushing using fluoride toothpaste, it is highly advisable to drink from the tap. While this isn’t always accessible, particularly in such places where the water isn’t quite safe for travelers, the best solution would be consuming fluoridated water, as it will assist in strengthening the tooth enamel.

Bring a Reusable Straw

While it might sound odd, in the event that you are unable to keep away from drinking your favorite soda, at least make sure that you are using a straw. A reusable one is amazing for the environment, but any kind of straw will be helpful when it comes to minimizing the exposure between the teeth and the beverage. Since such drinks are oftentimes carbonated, highly acidic, or full of sugar, making use of a straw can aid in deterring some of the contents that can cause great damage to the tooth enamel.

Enjoy a Nice Cup of Tea

Tea is a great drink when not filled with sugar. Trying to avoid the bacteria from getting in your mouth while decreasing the risks for usual dental issues like disease or decay? Swap out your cup of coffee for a cup of tea. Sipping a cup of tea by the pool or sitting on the back porch may assist you in feeling much more relaxed.

Drinking water for better oral health.

Drink Water

Water is useful in many ways for the human body and the environment. Throughout summer, water needs to be your best friend, to make sure that you enjoy your summer to the maximum and maintain a hydrated and healthy body. Try to avoid drinking too much soda and juice. The best thing would be to drink plenty of water. There is constant care needed for the teeth to stay healthy during the summer. You might be unable to brush your teeth after every meal, but there can still be used water to rinse the mouth for the food particles removal, those left in between the teeth and in the mouth. 

Intake Of Healthy Food Items

Falling into the trap of consuming an unhealthy diet full of ice cream and summer barbeque foods, is an easy trap to fall into. But, your aim should be to include as many healthy things as possible in your meals. Sugary foods are the main contributor to plaque formation, which can then lead to cavities and tooth disease. Rather, supply your kitchen with fruits and vegetables to make sure that you are always having healthy snacks. They will not only be better for your teeth but also for your general health.

Protect Your Teeth While Playing Summer Sports

People are more proactive during the summer when the nice weather starts coming out. You might be one of those who join a summer sports league such as softball, volleyball, or soccer, or maybe this is the time of the year that you bust out the bicycles or rock climbing gear. Despite the type of sport that you decide to engage in, it is of utmost importance to protect your teeth throughout all of your summer activities.

The best approach to protecting your mouth while playing sports is wearing helmets and mouthguards. Both should be always properly fitted to be the most efficacious. If you are playing a high-impact sport like football or soccer, helmets are particularly critical in reducing the chances of getting injured. When it comes to protecting your teeth, mouthguards are the most efficacious piece of safety tool. They can aid in preventing broken or chipped teeth, and ultimately, tooth loss.

Protecting your lips during summer.

Protect Your Lips

A crucial part of maintaining good oral health is protecting your lips. The skin on your lips is much thinner and contains less melanin, setting up a more sensitive-to-sunlight scene and meaning they are more prone to getting sunburnt on sunny days. Too much exposure to the sun could result in an enhanced chance of skin cancer on your lips.

The most efficacious approach to protecting your lips from the sun is making use of sunscreen chapstick. Whenever you are seeking good chapstick, try to find something that has an SPF of at least 15. SPF chapstick is notably designed to aid in protecting the lips and is easily applied.

Avoid Chewing On Ice

Ever finished an ice-cold drink on a hot summer’s day and then suddenly started to chew on the leftover ice? Chewing on ice is a highly popular bad habit that can be destructive to your oral health. Chewing on ice can be the cause to:

  • Damaged tooth enamel: The tooth enamel is the outer layer that protects the teeth from tooth decay, acid, and sugar. If the enamel is harmed, you are more vulnerable to cavities.
  • Cracked or chipped teeth: Teeth might not be as robust as you might think. Ice is actually quite hard and it may crack the teeth. In the event that you experience a cracked tooth, ensure to put any part of the tooth directly into a cup of milk and contact the dentist as promptly as possible. In some instances, cracked teeth can be saved if quickly enough repaired.
  • Damaged braces or dental fillings: Just like ice is robust enough to crack the teeth, it can also be the cause of some severe harm to any visiting oral appliances like fillings or braces.

If you are craving ice, try anything that is softer like a popsicle or ice shavings, but do go easy on the sugar.

Be Cautious with Pool Water

If you are one of those people who enjoy spending a lot of time in swimming pools throughout all summer, be careful about the pH levels of the pool water. Some pools might sit at improper pH levels and are able to erode the tooth enamel over time. Rinse your mouth with regular water after having swam in a pool.

Using a mouth guard to protect your teeth.

Cut down on dental injuries with a mouthguard

There is a reason why many professional athletes use mouthguards- because they help in preventing any severe or costly injury. Whether you are simply enjoying a game of basketball, or playing volleyball on the beach, a mouth guard is always a smart move. Mouth guards are accessible over-the-counter, but they need to be perfectly fitting which doesn’t necessarily serve the purpose. Your dentist is the only one able to fit you with a mouth guard that is of high-quality and customized- individualized for you, which will give you much more protection throughout all the summer sporting escapades.

Regularly Visit Your Dentist

For maintaining the best oral hygiene, regular visits to the dentist are a must. Even in mid-summer, when you are enjoying your vacations, it is crucial to keep up with the semi-annual dental appointments.

When visiting the dentist you can expect a careful cleaning and checkup. Our skilled clinicians use the most advanced dental equipment and brushes to clean those, particularly, in places that are hard to reach, aiding in maintaining your mouth healthy and clean. There will also be a check for indications of gingivitis or cavities, and assist you through oral hygiene habits to keep you healthy.

Regular visits at the dentist for optimal oral health.

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